7 October 2013

A break from blogging

I have just returned from a nice stay in Malta, which I hope to write about later on. But for the next few weeks I will need to take a break from blogging as well as from updating my website Hoelseth.com, as the process of moving will take up most of my time. I might be able to write two, three articles in the period after my current apartment has been sold and before moving into the new (row) house, but it is difficult to plan anything ahead right now. It might be good with a break anyway. My new address will, by the way, still be in Østensjø borough in Oslo.

During the next couple of months I will also make two exciting trips abroad (decided before the new house was bought) - one to Minsk, Belarus and one to Norwich, England. I have of course visited "the Fine City" in England numerous times, but this year the Norwich City Supporters' Club of Scandinavia celebrates its 30th anniversary, and the occasion will be marked among others with a football match and an anniversary dinner. I am sure both trips will provide opportunities for blogging at a later stage.