25 June 2013

New Emir of Qatar, Longest reigns website updated

The State of Qatar got a new ruler today after the abdication of  Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, b. 1950, who had been in power since 1995. His younger son Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, b. 1980, who was named heir after his brother Sheikh Jassem stepped aside in 2003, has become the new Emir.

I have therefore updated my Longest reigns (current monarchs) website. Some work has also be done on the website in order to make among others the footnotes more readable.

Sheikh Tamim, b. 3 July 1980 according to the website of the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is the youngest monarch of the world today, closely followed by the King of Bhutan, Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk, who was born on 21 February 1980.

15 June 2013

The Great Escape revisited - Dagbladet's article about Halldor Espelid

In March 2011 I wrote an article about a visit I made to the Old Garrison Cemetery in Poznan, Poland. During my visit to the cemetery I found the grave of Halldor Espelid (1920-1944), who was one of 76 captured airmen who escaped from the Stalag Luft III camp in Żagań, Poland through a tunnel. Espelid and a fellow Norwegian, Nils Jørgen Fuglesang, came as far as to Flensburg near the Danish boarder before they were recaptured and soon after executed.

Today, 15 June 2013, the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet brings the story of Halldor Espelid's escape and execution. The front page gives the headline "Nå vet hun hvordan broren ble drept. Ingerid Espelid Hovigs ukjente krigsdrama" ("Now she knows how her brother was killed. Ingerid Espelid Hovig's unknown war drama"). On the pages 14 and 15 we are told that "Broren myrdet av Gestapo" ("Her brother was murdered by the Gestapo") and "- Jeg kommer aldri til å glemme broren min" ("- I will never forget my brother"). Hovig is a famous and beloved Norwegian TV chef and cook books author. 

The article is based on a new book written by Simon Read, Human Game. The True Story of the 'Great Escape' Murders and the Hunt for the Gestapo Gunmen (Berkley, 2012, ISBN 978-0425252734), which tells the story about the escape and how (a majority of) the war prisoners were hunted, recaptured and killed. I haven't read the book, so I can't say much about it. But I am a bit sceptical about the claim that Mrs. Hovig first now have been told the story about how her brother Halldor was killed. When I made research for my blog article linked to above, the information about how Espelid was recaptured and brought to a field outside Flensburg and shot in the back and killed had been available for quite a while (just follow the links from my article). I didn't go into detail about this, as Espelid's death was not the main topic of the blog article, but I mentioned that he was executed. I didn't mention Fuglesang either, first of all because I didn't notice his grave during my cemetery visit and thus didn't take a photo of it, but I read his name when I researched for the article. (Fuglesang was, by the way, born at Hidra outside Flekkefjord on 7 October 1918 and later moved to Florø, the latter according to a private correspondent.)

The journalists who have written the article, Asbjørn Svarstad, who is based in Berlin (and who gave a helping hand when I tried to locate Erica Bernadotte's grave in 2011), and Line Brustad, could have done better research. Throughout the article Halldor's name is spelt Hallada (probably a mistake from the book). Twice it is also stated that "H. Espelid" was buried at Wroclaw, when in fact the Old Garrison Cemetery is situated in Poznan. Now, it could be that Mrs. Hovig, who has just celebrated her 89th birthday, mixed the two cities together when talking to one of the journalists. But shouldn't the journalists have double-checked the information before publishing? Well, at least I think so.

Hovig says in the interview that she learned about the location of her brother's grave as late as in 1988, and thereby confirmed the contents of the weekly magazine article I vaguely remembered having read before visiting the cemetery.

10 June 2013

Hoover biography and genealogy

In my blog article about the royal wedding in Stockholm last Saturday, I wondered about - or pondered on - the guest named Herbert Hoover and his possible family connection to the 31st president. I have not come any closer to an answer yet, though. I have asked the office of  the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site in Iowa, but as the wedding guest is a private person, the office is of course under no requirement to answer. And the wedding guest doesn't have to be related even if he bears the president's name.

But all the pondering has made me more curious about the president, so today I ordered the Kindle version of Glen Jeansonne's biography The Life of Herbert Hoover. Fighting Quaker 1928-1933 (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012). The biography is according to its preface the fifth in a series of volumes about President Hoover sponsored by the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Association. The three first volumes, written by George H. Nash, gives the story of Hoover's life to 1918, while the fourth volume, written by Kendrick Clements, continues until 1928. As the title suggests, Jeansonne's biography covers the election and the presidency, 1928-1933. If I want to read a biography which covers the whole life of the president, I could for instance order William E. Leuchtenburg's biography on Hoover (Times Books, 2009, in the American Presidents series). Or I could limit myself to the chapters about the president in Hans Olav Lahlum's Presidentene. Fra George Washington til George W. Bush (Oslo: Cappelen Damm, 2008), Ole O. Moen's USAs presidenter. Fra George Washington til George W. Bush (Oslo: Historie & Kultur, 2008) or perhaps Carter Smith's Presidents. All you need to know (Hylas Publishing, revised edition, 2005). The latter is a bit too short, though.The full title of the book is actually - or seems to be - Presidents. Every question answered. Everything you could possibly want to know about the Nation's Chief Executives. Brian Lamb's Who's Buried in Grant's Tomb. A Tour of Presidential Gravesites (New York: Public Affairs, 2003) might provide a better alternative. It is one of the most entertaining books I own - and have read. I am of course open to suggestions about other books which cover President Hoover.

Best biography I have read about a US president so far? David McCullough on John Adams and Kenneth D. Ackerman's Dark Horse. The Surprise Election and Political Murder of President James A. Garfield (New York: Carroll & Graf Publishers, 2003) definately share the first prize.

But back to Herbert Hoover again. I thought his great-grandchild Margaret Hoover's book American Individualism. How a New Generation of Conservatives Can Save the Republican Party (Crown Forum, 2011) looked interesting too, so I ordered it as well. Plenty of reading this summer, in other words...

If anyone wondered, Margaret's family connection to President Hoover goes as follows:

Herbert Clark Hoover (1874-1964), 31st President of the USA --> Allan Hoover (1907-1993) --> Andrew Hoover (1940-) --> Margaret Hoover (1977).

(Hoover Genealogy at the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site, Iowa.)

9 June 2013

Norway: New royal stamps to be issued on 10 June

NK 1852
NK 1853
NK 1854
NK 1855

4 new royal stamps will be issued by the Norwegian Postal Service on Monday 10 June 2013 to mark the 40th birthdays of Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit on 20 July and 19 August respectively.

The two first stamps show the Crown Prince and Crown Princess with their monograms. The third stamp shows the Crown Princely family at Skaugum - Marius Borg Høiby, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, Crown Prince Haakon and in front Princess Ingrid Alexandra and Prince Sverre Magnus. The fourth and last stamp pictures King Harald V and the two first persons in the line of succession to the Norwegian throne.

The stamps are designed by the well-known stamp artist Enzo Finger. All the stamps are valued at NOK 9,50 (A-mail, domestic). The various products made in connection with the new release can be viewed here.

8 June 2013

Swedish Royal Wedding: Princess Madeleine and Mr. Chris O'Neill

 © The Swedish Royal Court (Photo: Ewa-Marie Rundquist).

Princess Madeleine of Sweden, youngest child and daughter of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, and Christopher O'Neill, son of the late Paul O'Neill and Eva Maria O'Neill, née Walter, were married in the Palace Church in Stockholm today, 8 June 2013.

I only managed to watch "the basics" of the ceremony, but would describe it as "solemn and nice", but of course less ceremonious than Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel's wedding in 2010. The couple seemed to be marked by the gravity of the occasion, but their love and affection for eachother shined through.

As I hadn't expected to see much of the ceremony, I had not read myself up on the event in advance, and was therefore surprised by little Princess Estelle's presence in the church. She seemed to enjoy herself most of the time, but got a bit bored in the end. The choice of music for the ceremony is of course a matter of taste. I would personally have preferred more traditional hymns rather than the songs performed by Marie Fredriksson (of Roxette fame) and Peter Jöback. I really enjoyed the Bridal Recession (Wedding March from Delsbo). The program of the ceremony can be viewed here.

For the record, the officiating clergy at the wedding were Chief Court Chaplain of the Royal Court and Bishop Emeritus Lars-Göran Lönnermark and Vicar of the Royal Court, Court Chaplain Michael Bjerkhagen. Mr. Christopher O'Neill's best man was Mr. Cedric Notz. He is according to the court a childhood friend of Austrian and Swiss descent and resides in Switzerland. 

The bridal attendants at the wedding were Lillie von Horn, twin sisters Annais and Chloe Sommerlath, Count Louis Countess and Chiara Abensperg und Traun, and Jasper D'Abo. Princess Madeleine's wedding dress was created by the Italian designer Valentino Garavani (and that is as far as I will get into that).

The wedding celebrations begain on Friday 7 June with a private dinner for invited guests at Grand Hôtel, Stockholm. Following the wedding ceremony and the cortège, a wedding banquet (which goes on as I write) took place at Drottningholm Palace. More details about the wedding can be read here.

Several bloggers and royalty board participants have commented on the guest list already, and I have not that much to add. Interesting to note, howver, that Prince Carl Philip's girl-friend/live-in-partner, Sofia Hellqvist, in the Palace Church was sitting in the "family section". Many commentators regard this as yet another sign that she is fully accepted and that an engagement is not too far away.

I have, for the record, posted the guest list as published by the Royal Court, although with a few adjustments. For instance, as I find it a bit strange that Prince Pierre and Princess Silvia of Arenberg (d'Arenberg) were presented just only as "TT.SS.HH. Prince och Princess d'Arenberg", considering the numbers of princes and princesses of that house. But maybe that is just me. I am also intrigued by the presence of a Mr. Herbert Hoover, probably a friend of Chris O'Neill. How is he related to  Herbert Hoover (1874-1964), President of the USA 1929-1933? I consulted the Hoover Genealogy at the website of the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site Iowa, but didn't get a clue. The genealogy is not updated, though. I found an obituary of the president's grandson Herbert Hoover III (1927-2010), but as far as I can tell he had no son named Herbert Hoover IV. Anyone out there with more details?

If anyone wonders why Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway was absent from the gala dinner on Friday, it was because she was on her way home from a Red Cross engagement in Burma (Myanmar). She arrived in Stockholm early on Saturday morning.

The bride and groom
  • HRH Princess Madeleine and Mr. Christopher O'Neill
The Royal Family
  • HM King Carl XVI Gustaf
  • HM Queen Silvia 
  • HRH Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel 
  • HRH Princess Estelle (in church)
  • HRH Prince Carl Philip
HM The King's Family
  • Princess Margaretha, Mrs. Ambler
  • Baroness Sybilla von Dincklage 
  • Mr. James Ambler and Mrs. Ursula Ambler 
  • Mr. C. Edward Ambler and Mrs. Helen Ambler 
  • HRH Princess Birgitta 
  • Mrs. Désirée von Bohlen und Halbach and Mr. Eckbert von Bohlen und Halbach 
  • Princess Désirée, Baroness Silfverschiöld and Baron Niclas Silfverschiöld 
  • Baron Carl Silfverschiöld 
  • Baron Hans De Geer and Baroness Christina Louise De Geer 
  • Hélène Silfverschiöld and Mr. Fredrik Diterle 
  • Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnuson and Mr. Tord Magnuson 
  • Mr. Gustaf Magnuson and Miss Vicky Andrén 
  • Mr. Oscar Magnuson and Mrs. Emma Magnuson 
  • Mr. Victor Magnuson and Miss Frida Bergström 
  • Countess Marianne Bernadotte of Wisborg 
  • Countess Gunnila Bernadotte of Wisborg
HM The Queen's Family
  • Mr. Ralf de Toledo Sommerlath and Mrs. Charlotte de Toledo Sommerlath
  • Mrs. Carmita Sommerlath Baudinet and Mr. Pierre Baudinet 
  • Mr. Thomas de Toledo Sommerlath and Ms. Bettina Aussems 
  • Mr. Tim de Toledo Sommerlath and Miss Kristina Junghans 
  • Mr. Philip de Toledo Sommerlath 
  • Miss Giulia de Toledo Sommerlath 
  • Mr. Walther L. Sommerlath and Mrs. Ingrid Sommerlath 
  • Mr. Patrick Sommerlath and Mrs. Maline Sommerlath 
  • Mr. Leopold Lundén Sommerlath 
  • Miss Chloé Sommerlath 
  • Miss Anaïs Sommerlath 
  • Miss Helena Christina Sommerlath 
  • Miss Vivien Nadine Sommerlath
HRH Prince Daniel's Family
  • Mrs. Anna Westling Söderström and Mr. Mikael Westling Söderström
Mr. Christopher O'Neill's Family
  • Ms. Eva Maria O'Neill
  • Ms. Annalisa O'Neill 
  • Mrs. Karen O'Neill 
  • Ms. Stefanie O'Neill 
  • Mrs. Tatjana d'Abo and Mr. Henry d'Abo 
  • Miss Anouska d'Abo 
  • Miss Celina d'Abo 
  • Master Jasper d'Abo 
  • Countess Natascha Abensperg und Traun and Count Ernst Abensperg und Traun 
  • Countess Milana Abensperg und Traun 
  • Count Moritz Abensperg und Traun 
  • Countess Chiara Abensperg und Traun 
  • Count Louis Cajetan Abensperg und Traun 
  • Mr. Richard d'Abo 
  • Miss Maria Seferian 
  • Mr.  Rolf Nikel and Mrs. Olivia Nikel 
  • Mr. Wolfgang Schoeller and Mrs. Heidi Schoeller 
  • Countess Felicia Abensperg und Traun 
  • Master Oliver MacNeely 
  • Mr. Christopher Ramsay 
  • Miss Lucy Ramsay
  • HRH Crown Prince Frederik and HRH Crown Princess Mary
  • HRH Prins Joachim and HRH Princess Marie
  • HRH Crown Prince Pavlos and HRH Crown Princess Marie-Chantal
  • HRH Prince Nikolaos and HRH Princess Tatiana 
  • HRH Princess Theodora 
  • HRH Prince Philipos
  • HIH Princess Takamado
  • HRH Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and HRH Grand Duchess Stéphanie
  • HSH Princess Charlene
  • HRH Crown Prince Haakon and HRH Crown Princess Mette-Marit
  • Princess Märtha Louise and Mr. Ari Behn
United Kingdom
  • HRH The Earl of Wessex (Prince Edward) and HRH The Countess of Wessex (Sophie)
  • HRH Princess Benedikte of Denmark and Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg
  • HRH Prince Manuel and HRH Princess Anna of Bavaria 
  • HRH Prince Leopold and HRH Princess Ursula of Bavaria 
  • HH Prince Andreas of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha 
  • HH Hereditary Prince Hubertus and HH Hereditary Princess Kelly of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
Riksdagen (The Paraliament)
  • Speaker Per Westerberg and Mrs. Ylwa Westerberg
The Government
  • Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, Conservative Party
  • Vice Prime Minister and Education Minister Jan Björklund and Mrs. Anette Brifalk Björklund, Liberal People's Party
Party Chairpersons
  • Spokesperson Gustav Fridolin and Mrs. Jennie Fridolin, The Green Party
  • Minister for Entreprise Annie Lööf and Mr. Carl-Johan Lööf, Centre Party 
  • Minister of Social affairs Göran Hägglund and Mrs. Karin Hägglund, Christian Democrats
Corps Diplomatique
  • HE Martin Rivera Gómez, Ambassador of El Salvador (the doyen) and Mrs. Patricia Guirola de Rivera, El Salvador
  • Mrs. Anne K. Lund, Ambassador of Norway and Mr. Erling Magnusson, Norway 
  • HE Kirsten Malling Biering, Ambassador of Denmark and Mr. Peter Hänschell Biering, Denmark 
  • HE Harry Helenius, Ambassador of Finland and Mrs. Barbara Helenius, Finland 
  • HE Paul Charles Johnston, Ambassador of the United Kingdom and Mrs. Nicola Johnston, United Kingdom 
  • HE Gunnar Gunnarsson, Ambassador of Iceland and Mrs. Unnur Ulfarsdóttir, Iceland 
  • HE Mark F. Brzezinski, Ambassador of United States of America and Mrs. Natalia Brzezinski, USA 
  • HE Yoshiki Watanabe, Ambassador of Japan and Mrs. Naoko Watanabe, Japan
  • Landshövding (Governor) Barbro Holmberg, Gävleborg county
  • Commander in chief General Lieutenant Jan Salestrand and Commander Rose-Marie Jernbäcker
The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise
  • Manager Kenneth Bengtsson and Mrs. Ann-Kristin Bengtsson
Personal friends
  • Mr. Hans Eric Brodin and Mrs. Eva Benita Brodin
  • Baron Carl de Geer and Baroness Christina de Geer 
  • Mr. Ulf Dinkelspiel and Mrs. Louise Dinkelspiel 
  • Mrs. Marianne von der Esch 
  • Mrs. Agneta Kreuger and Mr. Lars Abrahamson 
  • Mr. Fredrik Gottlieb and Mrs. Carola Gottlieb 
  • Mr. Michel Rosta and Mrs. Marie Rosta 
  • Mrs. Anki Wallenberg 
  • Mrs. Lena Biörck Kaplan 
  • Mr. Christoffer Cederlund and Mrs. Charlotte Kreuger Cederlund 
  • Mr. Peder Dinkelspiel and Mrs. Caroline Dinkelspiel 
  • Mr. Jan Dinkelspiel and Mrs. Ellen Dinkelspiel 
  • Mrs. Andrea Engsäll 
  • Mr. Ulric von der Esch 
  • Mr. Anderson Zapata and Mrs. Josephine Zapata Génetay 
  • Mr. Jesper Nilsson and Mrs. Caroline Nilsson 
  • Mr. Karl Tomas Jonson and Ms. Emma Pernald 
  • Miss Louise Gottlieb 
  • Baron Gustav Thott 
  • Miss Camilla Olsson 
  • Mr. Niklas Bolle and Miss Lovisa de Geer 
  • Baroness Anna De Geer 
  • Mr. Dag Werner and Mrs. Nathalie Werner 
  • Mr. Robert von Horn and Mrs. Katarina von Horn 
  • Miss Lillie von Horn 
  • Count Jacob Cronstedt and Countess Louise Cronstedt 
  • Mr. Marcus Livijn and Mrs. Johanna Livijn 
  • Mr. Rickard Sylwander and Mrs. Anna Sylwander 
  • Mr. Carl Martinson and Mrs. Katarina Martinson 
  • Miss Veronica Arph 
  • Mr. Johan Hellström and Mrs. Charlotte Hellström 
  • Mr. Robin af Burén and Mrs. Tin-Tin af Burén 
  • Mr. Gustav Berggren and Mrs. Louise Hasselquist Berggren 
  • Mr. Mark Boutros 
  • Baron Alexis Barnekow and Baroness Lisa Barnekow 
  • Mr. Carl Kuylenstierna and Mrs. Anja Kuylenstierna 
  • Count Harald Wachtmeister and Countess Elisabeth Wachtmeister 
  • Mr. Graham Cooke and Mrs. Caroline Cooke 
  • Mr. Carl Tham and Mrs. Elinore Tham 
  • Miss Amelie af Ekenstam 
  • Mr. Christian Treschow and Mrs. Gabriella Treschow 
  • Miss Annelie Hofström 
  • Count Adam Lewenhaupt and Countess Isabelle Lewenhaupt 
  • Mr. Jacob Hvid and Miss Minna Boström 
  • Mr. Oscar Forsberg and Mrs. Filippa Forsberg 
  • Mr. Andreas Mavrakis and Mrs. Anne Mavrakis 
  • Miss Sarah Bourghardt 
  • Mr. Alex Hult and Mrs. Davina Hult 
  • Mr. Ludvig Blomqvist 
  • Mr. Pontus Sjögren 
  • Mr. Anders Skiöldebrand 
  • Mr. Christofer von Reis and Mrs. Sofie von Reis 
  • Baron Didrik Thott and Miss Ulrika Arph 
  • Mr. Pontus Hagnö and Mrs. Pia Hagnö 
  • Mr. Petter von Heidenstam and Mrs. Lina von Heidenstam 
  • Mr. Christopher de la Motte 
  • Mr. Johan Ekstrand 
  • Miss Caroline Winberg 
  • Miss Barbara Wennerholm 
  • Mr. Gunnar Winbergh and Mrs. Saskia Winbergh 
  • Mr. Alexander Gottlieb and Miss Paula Livijn 
  • Mr. Philip Gottlieb and Miss Caroline Bonnevier 
  • Mr. Axel Bodén and Mrs. Estelle Bodén 
  • Mr. Fredrik von der Esch 
  • Miss Stephanie Rosta 
  • Mr. Pedro Teixeira and Mrs. Karini Gustafson-Teixeira 
  • Mr. Peter Aronson 
  • Mr. Leon Shaulov and Mrs. Irina Shaulov 
  • Mr. Hashem Arouzi and Lady Sophie Hamilton 
  • Count Giovanni Revedin di San Martino 
  • Mr. Samer Awwa 
  • Mr. Brett Hansen and Mrs. Libby Hansen 
  • Mr. Paul Maddock and Mrs. Lily Maddock 
  • Mr. Dennis I. Paul and Mrs. Coralie Charriol Paul 
  • Mr. Ramzi Gedeon and Mrs. Angelina Gedeon 
  • Mr. Zachary Thornborough and Miss Dominique Punnett 
  • Mr. Matthew Toboroff 
  • Mr. William Auslander and Mrs. Heidi Auslander 
  • Count Ludwig von Salm Hoogstraeten 
  • Mr. Marwan Karam and Mrs. Roxanna Karam 
  • Miss Shereen Al Fahim 
  • Mr. Christopher Brown and Mrs. Kim Tabet 
  • Mr. Alex Schaffel 
  • Mr. Roger Metta and Mrs. Melissa Metta 
  • Mr. Jack Gorman 
  • Mr. John W McCue and Mrs. Anna Boiardi-McCue 
  • Mr. Sameer Ahmed 
  • Mr. Vishal Tolani and Miss Lucia Tait 
  • Mr. Dino Lalvani 
  • Mr. David Elghanayan and Mrs. Alexandra Elghanayan 
  • Miss Alice Bamford 
  • Miss Cassandra Batista 
  • Mr. Barnes Benson and Mrs. Fiona Benson 
  • Mr. Mohammed Afkhami 
  • Mr. Harrison T. LeFrak 
  • Mr. Joel Cadbury and Mrs. Divia Cadbury 
  • Mr. Philip Rhomberg und Miss Susanne Bengsch 
  • Mr. Bruno Wang and Mr. Cyril Gonzales 
  • Princess Khaliya Aga Khan 
  • Don Pedro de Noronha and Miss Monica Kalpakian 
  • Mr. Simon Cho 
  • Mr. Sherell Aston and Mrs. Allison Aston 
  • Mr. Christopher Barish and Miss Julie Mulligan 
  • Mr. Corso Serra di Cassano and Miss Victoria O'Neill 
  • Mrs. Garance Massart-Blum 
  • Mr. Charles Lubar and Mrs. Dominique Lubar 
  • Mr. Raja Hadji-Touma and Miss Milana Tannous 
  • Mr. John Chandris 
  • Mrs. Christina Chandris 
  • Mr. Marco Wajselfisz and Mrs. Heike Wajselfisz 
  • Mr. Ashik Dudhia 
  • Mr. Scott Sartiano and Miss Alexandra Rizzo 
  • Mr. Andrew Miller and Miss Michelle Clark 
  • Mr. Philippe Rieser 
  • Mr. Lancelot Frick and Miss Beatrice Gratry 
  • Mr. Cedric Notz 
  • Mr. Aleksandar Pesko 
  • Mr. Maxwell Federbush and Mrs. Nishita Federbush 
  • Miss Whitney Kroenke 
  • Mr. Ali Arouzi and Mrs. Mona Arouzi 
  • Mr. Guiseppe de Corato 
  • Mr. Keu Zafar and Miss Atessa Barazandeh 
  • Mr. Gagan Navani and Mrs. Angela Navani 
  • Mr. Nader Panahpour and Mrs. Loryn Panahpour 
  • Mr. Hakan Bulgurlu and Mrs. Stephanie Bulgurlu 
  • Mr. Anders Bagge 
  • Mr. Jesper Parnevik and Mrs. Mia Parnevik 
  • Mr. Aiden Barclay and Mrs. Fizzy Barclay 
  • Mr. Oliver von Band and Mrs. Dina von Band 
  • Prince Paolo Costantino Borghese 
  • Mr. Thomas Bowlby and Mrs. Vanessa Bowlby 
  • Marquess Carlo Clavarino and Marchioness Isabel Clavarino 
  • Miss Carolina Fernandez 
  • Mr. Felipe Figueroa and Mrs. Anouska Figueroa 
  • Mr. Dimitri Goulandris and Mrs. Christina Goulandris 
  • HIRH Archduke Philipp of Austria and HIRH Archduchess Mayasuni of Austria 
  • Mr. Robert Rowland and Mrs. Lisa-Marie Rowland 
  • Miss Josephine d'Otrante 
  • HSH Prince Pierre d'Arenberg and HSH Princess Silvia d'Arenberg 
  • Sir Anthony Bamford and Lady Carol Bamford 
  • Mrs. Annick Charriol 
  • Mr. Peter Darmanin and Mrs. Bilijana Darmanin 
  • Miss Katherine Fredriksen 
  • Mr. Pedro Girao and Mr. Damian Byrnes 
  • Mr. Martin Gruss and Mrs. Audrey Gruss 
  • Mrs. Susan Gutfreund 
  • Mr. Steven Hessler and Mrs. Stephanie Hessler 
  • Mrs. Margheret Hill 
  • Mr. Ali Homayoun 
  • Mr. Hashem Khosrovani and Mrs. Kate Khosrovani 
  • Mrs. Camilla Kolber 
  • Mr. Kenneth Lieberman and Mrs. Rosemary Lieberman 
  • Miss Antonia Nagel 
  • Mr. Constantin Nagel 
  • Mr. Ralph Michael Nagel and Mrs. Sabine Nagel 
  • Mrs. Anne Dell Prevost 
  • Mr. Georg von Opel and Mrs. Emily von Opel 
  • Mr. Bjarne Rieber and Mrs. Yvonne Rieber 
  • Mr. Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz 
  • Mrs. Susan Sangster 
  • Mr. Tor Olav Troim and Ms. Celina Midelfart 
  • HH Maharana of Udaipur Arvind Singh Mewar 
  • Miss Sofia Hellqvist 
  • Mrs. Anne Barish 
  • Miss Layla Khosrovani 
  • Mr. Sven Ley 
  • Mr. Lokesh Melwani 
  • Mr. Patrick von Ribbentrop and Mrs. Valerie von Ribbentrop 
  • Mr. Sebastian von Ribbentrop and Mrs. Isabelle von Ribbentrop 
  • Mr. Alejandro Santo Domingo 
  • Mr. Erick Sönne and Mrs. Dorothea Hunter 
  • Mr. Bob Calhoun and Mrs. Liza Calhoun 
  • Mrs. Luce Churchill 
  • Mr. Zachary Elfman and Miss Inés Hevia 
  • Krögare Marcus Samuelsson and Mrs. Mayla Haile 
  • Mr. Fredrik Oscarsson and Mrs. Caroline Oscarsson 
  • Mr. Luis Medina Abascal, Count de San Martin de Hoyos 
  • Miss Mia von Heidenstam 
  • Mr. Karl-Johan Persson and Mrs. Leonie Persson 
  • Mr. Wolfgang Seybold 
  • Mr. Andreas Carlsson 
  • Mrs. Caroline Roth and Mr. Stephan Roth 
  • Mr. Ravine Hiranand and Ms. Larena Reyna 
  • Mr. Sven Philip Sörensen and Mrs. Marie-Louise Sörensen 
  • Miss Maryam Nourian 
  • Mrs. Sigrid Brantl 
  • Mr. Jerome Fisher and Mrs. Anne Fisher 
  • Mr. Achim Middelschulte and Mrs. Beate Middelschulte 
  • Miss Melissa Lilley 
  • Mr. Valentino Garavani 
  • Mr. Giancarlo Giammetti 
  • Mr. Antonio Trotto 
  • Mrs. Emma O’Byrne 
  • Mr. Philip Eschenbach 
  • Mr. Herbert Hoover
  • CEO Dan Sten Olsson and Jane Thorburn Olsson, Stena AB
  • Coiffeur (hairdresser) Peter Ljung 
  • Coiffeur (hairdresser) Peter Hägelstam 
  • Coiffeur (hairdresser) Johan Hellström 
  • Mrs. Kerstin Eliasson 
  • Singer Peter Jöback and Mr. Oscar Jöback 
  • Mr. Richard Fors 
  • Baroness Lena Ramel and Mr. Gunnar Hagelin 
  • Mr. John Taylor and Mrs. Gela Taylor 
  • Singer Marie Fredriksson and Mr. Mikael Bolyos 
  • Mrs. Ingegerd von Porat 
  • Miss Tilde Svensson 
  • Mrs. Amy Linnéa Deasismont 
  • Silvia sister Ann-Charlott Jonsson (http://www.silviahemmet.se/en/silviasyster/
  • Silvia sister Hilde Knapasjö
Updated on Saturday 8 June 2013 at 22:55 (photo added).

6 June 2013

National Day of Sweden

© The Swedish Royal Court (Photo: Kate Gabor).
In connection with the celebration of the National Day of Sweden -  «Svenska Flaggans Dag» (The Swedish Flag Day) - the Swedish Royal Court released a rather lovely photo of Princess Estelle (b. 23 February 2012), the daughter of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. The Swedish Royal Family took part in the celebrations at Skansen and held a reception at the Royal Palace in Stockholm.

The Swedish National Day is celebrated in memory of Gustav Vasa, who was elected King of Sweden on 6 June 1523. 6 June is also the day when Sweden promulgated a new Constitution (Instrument of Government) in 1809.

In two days Princess Madeleine, the youngest child and daughter of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia will marry Chris O'Neill in the Palace Church in Stockholm. For more information see the Royal Court's own wedding website.