31 July 2011

New books in connection with the Norwegian Crown Prince couple's 10th anniversary

Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit, née Høiby, will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary on 25 August 2011. The occasion will be marked by a church service in Oslo Domkirke (Oslo Cathedral) on Thursday 25 August at 3 p.m.

I have so far noted 3 books that have been or will be published in connection with the anniversary. The first one is titled Mette-Marit. Prinsesse av folket ("Mette-Marit. The people's princess") and is published by Kagge Forlag. It is described as "an illustrated celebration of Norway's Crown Prince couple", with photographs by Aasta Børte, while the Hjemmet journalist Monica Aafløy Hansen has written the texts. The book is originally priced at NOK 399, but Libris sells it for NOK 349. No mentioning of the title at the publisher's own website, though (I just made a search). ISBN: 9788248911074.

Aller Media AS has recently published 10 år med Kronprinsparet. Jubileumsbok ("10 years with the Crown Prince couple. An anniversary book"). I can't find any BibSys registration, but according to the publiser's website the 140 pages' long book is priced at NOK 149 for those who subscribe to one of Aller Media's periodicals. It can also be purchased in one of the Narvesen kiosks (price NOK 179).

The Aftenposten journalist and former court reporter Liv Berit Tjessem has written the book Haakon og Mette-Marit i 10 år ("10 years with Haakon and Mette-Marit"). It is published by Schibsted Forlag and will be available for purchase on 25 August 2011.

According to the Norli bookstore it is priced at NOK 199, while BibSys operates with the price NOK 299 (and even with a slightly different book title, Kronprinsparet gjennom 10 år!). No information at the publisher's website so far, but the ISBN is 9788251656306.

It should be added that I have not read any of the (photo) books yet, but had a very short look into Børte/Hansen's illustrated celebration book and it looked rather nice.

Postscript 7 August 2011: Liv Berit Tessem's book Haakon og Mette-Marit i 10 år is now available in the bookstores (and the supermarkets). At Norli's website I was earlier told that the book would first hit the market on the wedding day, 25 August, but this information has now been changed. The price is NOK 199. Again, I have not read the book, but it looked nice!

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