16 June 2022

Norway: Princess Ingrid Alexandra's 18th birthday celebrations

Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway, who celebrated her 18th birthday on 21 January this year and thus reached the age of majority, had to postpone the official celebrations due to the pandemic and the restrictions which applied at the time.

The official celebreations will take place on Thursday 16 June and Friday 17 June. On Thursday 16 June the Norwegian government is hosting a dinner at the Deichman Library in Oslo. The guest list covers 202 people from all over the country – among others 25 young people representing all the 11 counties. There will also be representatives from the Storting and the Supreme Court. The government has made a point of inviting young people from different sectors, like sports, culture, politics and various organisations. Several cultural features will be included during the evening.

On Friday 17 June the King and Queen will host a gala dinner at the Royal Palace. On Wednesday 15 June The Royal Court released a list of the official guests at the dinner:


  • Crown Prince Haakon
  • Crown Princess Mette-Marit
  • Princess Ingrid Alexandra
  • Prince Sverre Magnus
  • Marius Borg Høiby
  • Princess Märtha Louise
  • Durek Verrett (fiancé of the former)
  • Maud Angelica Behn
  • Leah Isadora Behn
  • Emma Tallulah Behn
  • Princess Astrid, Mrs. Ferner
  • Marit Tjessem (mother of Crown Princess Mette-Marit)


  • Crown Prince Frederik
  • Crown Princess Mary
  • Crown Princess Victoria
  • Prince Daniel
  • Princess Estelle
  • Prince Oscar

The Netherlands

  • King Willem-Alexander
  • Queen Máxima
  • Princess Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange


  • Queen Mathilde
  • Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant


  • King Felipe


  • Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume
  • Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie
  • Prince Charles

Other royals

  • Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece
  • Crown Princess Marie-Chantal
  • Prince Constantine-Alexios of Greece
  • Prince Aristidis-Stavros of Greece
  • Prince Kyril of Bulgaria
  • Katharine Jibba Butler (partner of the former)
  • Princess Mafalda-Cecilia of Bulgaria
  • Princess Olimpia of Bulgaria
  • Prince Tassilo of Bulgaria
  • Rosario Nadal (former wife of Prince Kyril)

The official Norway

  • President of the Storting, Masud Gharahkhani
  • Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre
  • Chief of the Supreme Court Toril Marie Øie
  • Finance minister Trygve Slagsvold Vedum
  • Foreign minister Anniken Huitfeldt
  • Minister of International Development Anne Beathe Tvinnereim
  • Minister of Defence Bjørn Arild Gram
  • Minister of Children and Families Kjersti Toppe
  • Minister of Local Government and Regional Development Sigbjørn Gjelsvik
  • Minister of Labour and Social Inclusion Marte Mjøs Persen
  • Minister of Agriculture and Food Sandra Borch
  • Minister of Justice and Public Security Emilie Enger Mehl
  • Minister of Petroleum and Energy Terje Aasland
  • Parliamentary leader Rigmor Aasrud, The Labour Party
  • Parliamentary leader Erna Solberg, The Conservative Party
  • Paliamentary leader Sylvi Listhaug, The Progress Party
  • Parliamentary leader Marit Arnstad, The Centre Party
  • Parliamentary leader Guri Melby, The Liberarl Party
  • Parliamentary leader Une Bastholm, The Green Party
  • Member of Parliament Irene Ojala, Patient Focus
  • Plenary session leader of the Sameting (Samediggi), Tom Sottinen
  • Director General, Office of the Prime Minister, Tormod C. Endresen
  • Governor of Vestfold and Telemark county, Per Arne Olsen
  • Mayor of Oslo Marianne Borgen
  • Mayor of Sokndal Jonas Andersen Sayed
  • Chief of Defense Eirik Kristoffersen
  • Director of Police Benedicte Bjørnland
  • Bishop and Preses of the Bishops' Conference, The Church of Norway Olav Fykse Tveit
  • Leader of The Council for Religious and Life Stance Communities in Norway, Trond Enger
  • Committee chairperson of The Islamic Council Norway Abdirahman Diriye
  • Secretary General of the Foreign Ministry, Tore Hattrem

Norwegian organisations

  • Committee chairperson of The Norwegian Children and Youth Council Margrete Bjørge Katanasho
  • Committee chairperson of Miljøagentene (The Eco-agents) Ingvild Melvær Hanssen
  • President of The Norwegian Board Sports Federation Ola Keul
  • Freestyle skier Hedvig Wessel, The Norwegian Ski Federation
  • Chairperson of The School Student Union of Norway Edvard Botterli Udnæs
  • Chairperson of Norsk Målungdom Frida Pernille Mikkelsen
  • General Secretary of The Norwegian Association of Youth with Disabilities Ingvild Østli
  • Chairperson of Skeiv Ungdom (The Norwegian Gay Youth Association) Jane-Victorius G. Bonsaksen
  • Editor of Feminist/FETT Sumaya Jirde Ali
  • Artist Sandra Mujinga
  • Chairperson of the National Council of the Norwegian Red Cross Youths, Solveig Ugland
  • General Secretary of WWF Karoline Andaur
  • Chairperson of Changemaker Norway Naja Amanda Lynge Møretrø
  • Chairperson of The National Council of The Norwegian Trekking Association Youths Anna Nes
  • Chairperson of the Sameting's Youth Political Committee Elle Rávdná Näkkäläjärvi 

Corps diplomatique

  • Amabassador of Myanmar, Daw Daw Maw (doyen)
  • Ambassador of Sweden, Ulla Cecilia Björner
  • Ambassador of Denmark, Louise Bang Jespersen
  • Ambassador of Luxembourg, Henri Schumacher

Other guests are family and friends.

The sponsors at Princess Ingrid Alexandra's christening in 2004 were King Harald, King Felipe VI of Spain (then Prince of Asturias), Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and Marit Tjessem. They are all present for the 18th birthday celebrations as seen above.

Unfortunately work obligations will make it difficult for me to follow much of the events during the celebrations. I might write a few words later on, but will not make any promises as of now.

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