28 March 2010

Funeral of Erik F. Lorentzen

Shipowner Erik Finn Lorentzen, elder brother of Erling S. Lorentzen, died at Madserudhjemmet (a nursery home) in Oslo on 18 March 2010. He left behind his wife Eva, sons Jan (Lynnée) and Sverre (Lillian) and grandchildren Christian, Kim and Nina.

The funeral took place at Vestre gravlund (cemetery), Nye Kapell (New Chapel), on Friday 26 March 2010. According to information I have received privately, Erling S. Lorentzen and his wife Princess Ragnhild Mrs. Lorentzen were not present. It could be that the flight from Brazil is too long and tiring for the elderly couple.

Erik Finn Lorentzen was born at Søndre Huseby in Aker municipality (today a part of Oslo) on 21 March 1921 as the fifth child of shipowner Øivind Lorentzen and Ragna Nielsen. Lorentzen's villa was situated in a street which at the time was still unnamed, but the address is today known as Husebyveien 6 and is owned by Erling Lorentzen.

Erik F. Lorentzen served as a pilot during WW2 in Canada, United Kingdom and Africa. He studied to become a textile engineer and was in charge of Kunstsilkefabrikken ("The Rayon Factory") at Notodden until 1962. He was also the managing director of the family shipping company Øivind Lorentzen Rederi and of Øivind Lorentzen Sobral AS. In addition he was among others Vice President (1987-91) and President (1991-93) of Redningsselskapet (The Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue).


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