7 December 2009

Arthur Egeli Paintings and other blogs

I follow a lot of blogs, and not only royalty-related ones. My third cousin Arthur Bjorn Egeli is a well-stablished painted residing in Pasadena, California. His blog Arthur Egeli Paintings is worth checking out, although I wish he updated it more often. He has a website as well, by the way.

Arthur's first cousin Lisa from Maryland, who like Arthur is also my third cousin, doesn't have a blog, but she has a great website, and she is on Facebook and Twitter as well. For more on the Egeli artists, please go to my Ekeli page.

Some times it is funny to just click on "Next blog" (at least Blogspot.com has that option) and see what happens. There are some talented artists and bloggers out there, like Drawman, Karen Thumm, Bill Guffey and Elephant Art.

If you are into genealogy, you might want to check out Arnfrid Mæland's blog Fjellsiden (The Mountain Side), where you can among read about the Norwegian ancestry of Arlene Carol Dahl and Joni Mitchell. You need to understand some Norwegian though. But the Joni Mitchell article has a link to another Mithell article written in English.

And if you have realized how much history and genealogy you can learn from visiting a cemetery, then maybe A Morbid Fascination is a blog to visit?


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