27 March 2013

Easter reading list

The Easter weekend has finally arrived. Here in Norway Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and 2nd Day Easter are all public holidays, which means that I have a long weekend coming up. I really look forward to a few days off with my family! I hope to do some cross country skiing and I have put up a few items on my Easter reading list.

The latest issue of the Swedish Kungliga Magasinet (No. 2, March 2013) has just arrived. It marks the royal magazine's first anniversary, and the list of contents reveal articles about among others the late Princess Lilian, the future King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, King Gustaf III of Sweden, Queen Victoria of Sweden as well as her namesake and great-great-grandchild Crown Princess Victoria. 23 well-known Swedes and 2 princes - Leka of Albania and Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy - give their views on why the crown princess is so popular. Not sure why a royal magazine needs to bring an interview with the pop artist Carola Häggkvist, though. And is the make-up piece about Princess Máxima an advertisement or a journalistic work? It is hard to tell. The magazine seems to develop, like the former royal magazine Queen, more and more into a women magazine, which I find sad.

There is, on the other hand, no doubt about the contents of The European Royal History Journal. I received the last 3 issues of Volume 15 (2012) at once 1-2 weeks ago, and have saved them for my Easter vacation. It is a pity that one can never know when to expect the journal to arrive, as it almost never gets out on time, but at least it provides a lot of stuff to read.

Reading crime and detective novels has for a long, long time been an "Easter tradition" here in Norway, besides watching crime series on TV! Of course I have to keep up with my fellow Norwegians, so I have recently bought Tess Gerritsen's The Keepsake (2008) (Rizzoli & Isles series), which finally has become available for Kindle as well. I will start reading it as soon as I have finished Tom Clancy's Patriot Games. I have got most, if not all, the Jack Ryan/John Clark books on my Kindle and have decided to read them in "a Ryan/Clark universe chronological order". I have read some of them before, but that is a long time ago. After that I will finally return to my list of biographies again...

Happy Easter!

Updated on Thursday 28 March 2013 some time in the evening (minor correction) and last time on Tuesday 2 April 2013 at 09.05 (couple of words added).


  1. Hi Dag,

    Lovely seeing you in the UK this past weekend!

    This year it is my goal to have EUROHISTORY printed and shipped right in schedule. As you know the first issue of 2013 is out. All copies have been mailed or handed over to subscribers.

    Issue XCII (April 2013) will go into production a week from today and complete mailing by May 15.

    Issue XCIII (June 2013) will complete mailing by July 15.

    Issue XCIV (August 2013) will complete mailing by September 15, while Issue XCV (October 2013) will complete mailing by October 31 and Issue XCVI (December 2013) will mail before Christmas.

    This is the schedule I have set for myself to keep and I intend to keep it. Of course it helps me greatly that I now have someone at the office helping me every day!

    As always, thanks for your support and enthusiasm both for the topic and the magazine!

  2. Thanks for your comments, Arturo. It was nice meeting you again after all these years (12 1/2 years to be exact)! If you manage to keep the schedule, I will continue my presentation articles as I do for the Royalty Digest Quarterly. See my latest article for starters.