19 March 2013

Scouting NY: King Zog of the Albanians Long Island estate

The blog Scouting NY published on 4 March 2013 a rather interesting article, Stumbling On The Abandoned Ruins Of King Zog’s Long Island Estate, which, as the title suggests, tells the story of King Zog of the Albanians' Long Island estate in text and pictures. King Zog (1895-1961), who was exiled after the Italian invasion in 1939 and never returned to his homeland alive, bought the Knollwood Estate at Muttontown, New York, in 1951, but never moved in. The blog article has been shared on Facebook, but is certainly worth sharing here as well!

The blog is written by Nick Carr, who works as a movie location scout and writes about what he discovers during his travels around the city and suburbs of New York.

I have also earlier recommended articles by Carr: The Three Private Graves in Manhattan, New York, USA (23 January 2011) and Scouting New York: Houdini's Final Vanishing Act in Queens, New York, USA (24 January 2011). His blog has been on my Selected blogs website ever since.

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  1. Really I donot have any idea of Albania Estate so if you could provide me some more details regarding the places and properties I will be very thankful to you for this thing.