26 September 2013

Royalty Digest Quarterly no. 3, 2013

The third issue of Royalty Digest Quarterly this year arrived today, just in time for my fall break. It is always nice to have something new to read on my vacation!

The front page suggests that the Romanovs are back in the limelight again, which is rather natural, considering the dynasty's 400th anniversary this year. The magazine's historical consultant Charlotte Zeepvat, is this time responsible for the article Imperial Russia. A Family Album - Part I, which includes as many as 102 photos as well as 4 pages with genealogical tables. The photo on the front page shows Konstantin Konstantinovich of Russia, his wife Elizaveta Mavrikievna and their children, from right Ioann, Gavril, Tatiana, Konstantin, Oleg and Igor.

But before we get as far as to the photo album, the editor Ted Rosvall has commented on Prince George of Cambridge and on British title issues in general, while Alberto Penna Rodrigues has made the contribution The Centenary of a Centenary. A Prelude to the Great War, which deals with the centenary celebrations of the Battle of Leipzig/Battle of the Nations in 1913, hence the title.

After the photo album, Elizabeth Jane Timms follows up with the article Schomberg House and Pall Mall 78. The London Homes of the Schleswig-Holsteins, which tells me what I should look up to photograph next time I am in London.

Another regular contributor to the Royalty Digest Quarterly, Corynne Hall, has this time written about Priscilla"Pip" Scott-Ellis and her relationship with Don Ataúlfo, son of Infante Alonso of Spain and Infanta Beatrix, née Princess of Great Britain and Ireland, in the article Pip and the Prince, based among others on Pip's diary.

Michael L. Nash then returns with the article Princess of the Asturias, which is about King Alfonso XII of Spain's elder daughter Infanta Maria de las Mercedes (1880-1904).

Princess Elisabeth-Caroline of Solms-Braunfels, née Princess of Lippe, died on 18 May this year, 97 years old. He obituary is written by Bearn Bilker, who is a friend of Princess Elisabeth-Caroline's daughter, Maria-Angela.

And finally, as usual we can find the regular column The World Wide Web of Royalty, this time with news from the royal and princely houses of Erbach-Erbach, United Kingdom, Monaco, the Netherlands and Sweden. On the same page we can also read a presentation of the book Das Fürstliche Haus Hohenzollern. Private Einblicke in die Fotoalben by Karen Kuehl and Anette Hähnel (2011).

Information on Royalty Digest Quarterly can be found at its editor's website Royalbooks.se. See earlier presentation of RDQ here. See also its Facebook page.

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