15 November 2016

Queen Sonja one of the contributors to Juleroser 2016

Juleroser («Christmas Roses») was a Christmas magazine (booklet) published between 1881 and 1944 (with a short break 1937–1940) by Ernst Bojesen in Copenhagen, Denmark. The magazine contained literary texts and illustrations by well-established authors and artists.

Juleroser was intended to be a Christmas magazine for all the Nordic countries, and from 1895 the magazine also had editors for Norway and Sweden. According to the nynorsk («New Norwegian») version of Wikipedia, the magazine had the subtitle Skandinavisk Juleblad («Scandinavian Christmas Magazine») from 1885 to 1888 and in 1892, while in the period from 1889 to 1891 the subtitle was Nordisk Juleblad («Nordic Christmas Magazine»).

Juleroser was revived as a literary Christmas magazine last year by the publishers Samlaget and with the singer and actress Herborg Kråkevik as editor. 

In this year's edition Queen Sonja of Norway has contributed with four photos, of which 3 stem from the series «Former» («Forms») taken at Svalbard. See one of the photo illustrations in today's VG.no. Other contributors are Kim Leine, Anne B. Ragde, Kolbein Falkeid, Brit Bildøen, Gro Dahle, Bit Vejle, Vetle Lid Larssen, Helge Torvund, Theodor Kittelsen, Marianne Heske, Håkon Gullvåg and Sverre Malling.

Photo: Cover of Juleroser 2016, Samlaget.

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