25 March 2017

Vestre gravlund (Western Cemetery), Oslo, Norway, Part III

I decided to continue my Vestre gravlund (Western Cemetery) series today, even though it is not «Tombstone Tuesday». For earlier parts about the cemetery, go here and here.

Ulricsen family grave. Johan Christian Ulrichsen (1861–1950) and Berntine Marie «Maja» Ulrichsen, née Hansen (1868–1958) were the grandparents of Queen Sonja of Norway.

 Grave of editor (among other titles) Kåre Valebrokk (1940–2013).

One of several Aubert graves at Vestre gravlund. Aubert is listed in the Danish Book of Nobility (Danmarks Adels Aarbog).

 Hoel family grave.

Ingstad and Trætteberg family grave. Hallvard Trætteberg (1898–1987) worked at the National Archives of Norway and was a well-known heraldic artist and expert. He was married to Gunvor Ingstad Trætteberg (1897–1975), a sister of the Norwegian explorer Helge Ingstad (1899–2001).

Grave of Knut Frydenlund (1927–1987), Norwegian Foreign Minister 1973–1976, 1976–1981, 1981 and 1986–1987 under three different prime ministers (including Trygve Bratteli, see below).

 Stoltenberg family grave.

Grave of Trygve Bratteli (1910–1984), prime minister of Norway 1971–1972 and 1973–1976, and his wife Randi Bratteli, née Larssen (1924–2002).

Lange family grave. Hallvard Lange (1902–1970), Norwegian Foreign Minister 1946–1963 and 1963–1965).

Castberg family grave. Johan Castberg (1862–1926) was a Norwegian politician. He was a member of Parliament for many years, Minister of Justice 1908–1910, Minister of Trade 1913 and Minister of Social affairs 1913–1914 as well as an outspoken republican during the monarchy debate in 1905. His son Frede Castberg (1893–1977) was a jurist and professor of law.

All photos: © 2016 Dag Trygsland Hoelseth.

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