29 February 2024

Norway: A new update on King Harald's health situation

The Norwegian Royal Court has today issued yet another update on King Harald's health situation:

Update on His Majesty King Harald's health situation

His Majesty The King's personal physician reports that His Majesty is improving. King Harald is still undergoing treatment at the hospital.

As reported yesterday, His Majesty will remain at the hospital for a few more days, and he is being well taken care of there.

The aim is for His Majesty to be able to return to Norway by plane in a few days. The Norwegian Government is facilitating the transportation, and the Norwegian Armed Forces are responsible for the practical arrangements for his return to Norway.


In other words, the king seems to be doing better and the court is now, with the assistance of the government and the Norwegian Armed Forces, preparing to getting the king home to Norway. It is somewhat worrisome that he is not coming home on an ordinary flight, but given the situation it is understandable that the government will provide a more comfortable transportation for him. We can rest assured that the king is in good hands and just hope that he will get a speedy recovery.

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