5 August 2010

The Prisoner of Durazzo

I was a bit surprised when I returned home yesterday evening and found a letter from Zenda Press of Tennessee, USA in my mailbox. Did I know anyone in Zenda Press, or in Tennessee for that matter? And how did the publishers get hold of my postal address - correctly spelt, even!

Enclosed was an information sheet about Robert A. Lanier's book The Prisoner of Durazzo, which was published in May 2010. The book covers the short reign of Prince Wilhelm of Wied (1876-1945), who was Mbret of Albania from March to September 1914. A chaotic reign, but a very interesting story, and the book looks quite interesting. Whoever got hold of my postal address or tipped off the publishers must have known how interested I am in Balkan history and especially Balkan royal history.

The Prisoner of Durazzo is available among others from Amazon.com. No Kindle version, though. The price is USD 29,95 + P&P. ISBN: 978-0615325231.

If any of my blog followers have read the book, please post your thoughts about it!


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