15 September 2010

The angel school circus continues

The discussions about Princess Märtha Louise' private business and her so-called "angel school" continues...

Views and News from Norway published the following article yesterday, 14 September 2010:

Princess upsets Norway's bishops

A recent poll shows that as many as 30.7 % thinks Princess Märtha Louise should give up her title because of her commercial activities, which includes her angel school and her work with "cultural dissemination/mediation". Author Tor Bomann-Larsen on the other hand thinks that the debate should focus on the princess' place in the line of succession, cf. his comments to VG Nett yesterday.

Princess Märtha Louise is expected to answer questions from the press later today.

I have commented on Princess Märtha's "angel school" at the newsgroup alt.talk.royalty back in 2007:
  • Re: "Princess [Märtha Louise] claims clairvoyant powers, aims to share them" (alt.talk.royalty 13 August 2007)
  • Re: "Princess [Märtha Louise] claims clairvoyant powers, aims to share them" (alt.talk.royalty 14 August 2007)
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