15 September 2010

Crown Prince Haakon defends his sister (The angel school circus continues, part II)

Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit attended a youth conference in Drammen today. The Crown Prince surprised the audience and the media by indirectly commenting on his sister Princess Märtha Louise' last media performances, telling how caring and genuinely concerned she was with taking care of other people. Of course. Has anyone doubted this? He added, though, in Views and News from Norway's translation, that "I won't go into more details about that, because you know what I am talking about." He later added that he and his sister "look different on things" and had somewhat different views (VG Nett 15 September 2010). Once again the Crown Prince gives comments to the media without really saying anything at all.

Princess Märtha Louise had a press conference today, and of course she claimed that her comments to Stavanger Aftenblad (6 September 2010) about contacts with the dead were taken out of context and accused the press of bullying. Yes, it happens quite often that people are misquoted in the media, but still she should have learnt by now to think twice before speaking. She can't be surprised that her rather controversial activities are creating such an interest. Her beliefs have become more and more problematic constitutionally speaking, due to her position as 4th in line of succession to the Norwegian throne. But as we have seen many times before, the storm will blow itself out eventually, and most likely nothing will come out of it. It will not be the last time we hear about the "angel school" circus, though.

The angel school circus continues, part I.


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