30 September 2010

From von Gegerfelt to Shetelig

Gry Sofie Shetelig, a grand niece of Queen Sonja of Norway, was married to Joakim Jensen Fuglerud at Frogner kirke (church), Oslo, last Saturday, 25 September 2010. Queen Sonja, Crown Prince Haakon and Princess Märtha Louise attended the ceremony.

The bride was escorted to the altar by her brother, Kaare Andreas Shetelig, who works as a lawyer at Riksadvokaten (the Office of Public Prosecutions). Kaare's son Harald Fredrik was a page boy, while the bride's first cousin Dagny Carina Swanström read the scriptures. Vicar Paul Nome conducted the service.

Gry Shetelig, b. 1980, is the granddaughter of the late Gry Henriksen, née Haraldsen (1924-1970), an elder sister of Queen Sonja. The Queen's sister was first married to the Swedish-born engineer Rune V. Swanström (1917-1967) and had two children by him - Ian, who is Gry Shetelig's mother, and Dag Swanstrøm. After the divorce from Rune V. Swanström, Gry got married to Gunnar Henriksen (1922-2002). They also had two children together.

Interestingly enough, the bride doesn't only have a royal connection as described above, but is also a cognatic descendant of the Swedish noble family von Gegerfelt (Adliga ätten/Noble family no. 861):
  • Axel von Gegerfelt (1839-1913), m2. Augusta Josefina Larsson (1862-1926)
  • Nanny von Gegerfelt (b. 30 October 1890, d. 6 September 1953), m. 10 December 1914 Ernst Eric Valdemar Swanström (b. 31 December 1884, d. 2 December 1959)
  • Rune Valdemar Swanström (b. 20 November 1917, d. 20 May 1967), m. Ris kirke (church), Oslo 11 October 1946 (div. 195...) Gry Haraldsen (b. 16 january 1924, d. 21 April 1970)
  • Ian Sissel Swanstrøm (b. 1947), m. 1973 Harald Fredrik Shetelig (b. 13 September 1942, d. 25 November 1981)
  • Kaare Andreas Shetelig (b. 1976), m. 2006 Marte Brunvoll (b. 1978); and Gry Sofie Shetelig (b. 1980), m. 2010 Joakim Jensen Fuglerud (b. 1981).
The Swanström family grave at Kvibergs kyrkogård, grave no. 003-00036. The photo was taken during a visit to the cemetery in August 2008.

Gry Shetelig's grandfather Rune Valdemar Swanström is interred at Kvibergs kyrkogård (cemetery) in Gothenburg. Interred in the same grave is also his mother Nanny, while his father Eric Swanström seems to have been buried somewhere else, as although the inscription at the front says "Eric Swanström Familjegrav", his previously inscribed name above the name of his first wife has been deleted. He married for the second time in 1954 Dagmar Elinora Stedfeldt (1901-1976), who is interred at Västra kyrkogården, Gothenburg.

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  1. The day after I published this article, the law firm Wikborg Rein issued a press release informing that Kaare Andreas Shetelig will join the firm on 29 November 2010 as a junior partner.

    This means that Shetelig will leave his position as a lawyer at Riksadvokaten. As the official website of Regjeringsadvokaten doesn't operate with an official translation of the institution, I chose to write "Office of Public Prosecutions". I thereby referred to the office rather than the person (The Director General of Public Prosecutions), and based my usage on Åge Lind's Norsk-Engelsk Juridisk Ordbok. Sivil- og strafferett ("Norfwegian-English Dictionary of Law"), 3rd edition, 2000.

    I note that Wikborg Rein in its press release uses the translation "Office of the Attorney General", which I guess make more sense to the American readers of this board. Just for the record...

    Dag T. Hoelseth