7 October 2010

Luxembourg: Grand Duke Henri's 10th anniversary

Today, 7 October 2010, it is 10 year since Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg (b. 1921) abdicated and was succeeded by his eldest son, Henri (b. 1955).

The Luxembourgian newspaper Wort.lu has made a special report about the anniversary, which includes many photos. At the Luxembourgian government's official website one can still find the publication Avenèment au Trône de S.A.R. le Grand Duc Henri about his accession to the throne as well as other information.

You can also find the act concerning Grand Duke Jean's abdication and other constitutional documents at my own Luxembourg page.

Grand Duke Henri created some controversy in 2008 when he refused to sanction a bill to allow euthanasia, a decision which lead to a constitutional amendment by which he lost the right to promulgate laws.


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