12 October 2010

News in English

Last year I wrote about Views and News from Norway, which as the title suggests, provides Norwegian news in English.

I didn't know then that Views and News from Norway already had competition in another electronic news provider, The Foreigner. Actually, it seems that The Foreigner was established before Views and News from Norway!

The Foreigner writes about itself that it "is an online publication for English speakers living or who have an interest in Norway. Whether it's a glimpse of Norwegian news in English in English or entertainment you're after, there's no need to leave your linguistic armchair". You can also get updates from the news provider by following Facebook or Twitter. The editor-in-chief is Michael Sandelson, who was born in London and has earlier worked for the regional newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad's English section.

The Foreigner doesn't focus much on news about the royal family of Norway, though. Provided that I have done a correct search, the last article on royalty was published in early August and dealt with the king and queen's planned visit to Slovakia in late October 2010. Of course The Foreigner could still be useful if you are interested in other topics and the royal family of Norway, but if royalty is your main focus, then Views and News from Norway is the best place to visit, as it provides news about the royal family almost on a weekly basis.


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