7 December 2010

Ebba Lindqvists Plats, Grebbestad, Tanum, Sweden

After I had visited Grebbestad Church and Cemetery during my visit to Tanum in June 2010, I passed Ebba Lindqvists Plats (a translation is surely not needed). The place was raised in memory of the poet Ebba Lindqvist (1908-1995), who grew up in Grebbestad. Engraved in the granite are four of her many poems - Samhället ("The Society"), Vi som är födda vid havet ("We who are born at the sea"), Sommar och vinter ("Summer and winter") and Djupt, djupt i mitt hjärta ("Deep, deep in my heart"). The portrait bust is made by the artist Per Agelii.

The official website of Sällskapet Ebba Lindqvists Vänner ("The Society of Ebba Lindqvist's Friends") can be found here. Lindqvist is buried at the Grebbestad Cemetery. If I had noticed the memorial before I visited the cemetery, I might have looked for her grave. Maybe another time...


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