7 December 2010

One step closer to a Palace Museum?

I didn't have much time for blogging last week. Between my visit to Poznan in Poland 27-30 November and my trip to Sandefjord last weekend, I had to finish some Christmas preparations on my sparetime. But now as everything seems to be on schedule, I hope to be able to update my blog as well as to do some work on my website the next few days. Next week, however, I will probably be too busy at work to be able to get anything done with my website and blog.

My football statistics will be on the top of my priority list this week, but I hope to update some of my royalty websites as well. And maybe bring up a royal topic or two for my blog? While I was in Poland, the Norwegian daily Aftenposten (printed edition only) published an interesting article about a possible Palace museum. I have earlier mentioned that the idea of locating a museum in the Royal Stables has been scrapped in favour of more office space and library (a project that has been put on hold).

Aftenposten reports that when a budget recommendation for the year 2011 was recently submitted, the Member of Parliament and former Minister of Finance, Per Kristian Foss, proposed the following:

"The Storting asks the Government to evaluate the possibility to set up an exhibit and a possible museum that can make the Palace’s many stored cultural treasures accessible for the public."

As the idea of a Palace museum now is supported by the politicians, the royal dream of a museum seems to be at least one step closer to becoming reality. It will now first of all be the Government to carry the idea through. The building that earlier housed Norges Geografiske Oppmåling (The Norwegian Mapping and Cadastre Authority) and Statens Kunstakademi (The Norwegian National Academy of Fine Arts) in St. Olavs gate 32 (photo, 1965) has been mentioned as a suitable location for a Palace museum.

Large parts of the royal collection are currently stored away. See photos at Aftenposten.no (published on 31 October 2010). Aftenposten also had another article on the subject in June this year.


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