2 April 2011

Die Royals (Stern magazine)

It is as I write these lines (2 April 2011) 26 days and a few hours left to the wedding between Prince William of Wales and Catherine "Kate" Middleton (see Timeanddate.com for the countdown). The number of books, special editions and souvenirs produced to mark the occasion seems almost endless. I am not going to be in London for the wedding, but I will cross the North Sea for the Royalty Weekend (royal history conference) at Ticehurst in East Sussex 9-10 April, and hope to find the time to check out some of the books and magazines etc. that have been published.

Some of the commemorative issues have already reached Norway as well. I picked up the German magazine Stern no. 14/2011 (dated 31 March 2011) the other day, and the front page tells about a new series that is being published about the history of the British Royal House: Die Royals.

Not too inventive to have the late Diana Princess of Wales on the front page again, though. The bridal couple would be enough, if you ask me. Issue no. 14 contains 13 pages with photos of various members of the royal house past & present in addition to Part I of the said series. Teil 1 (Part I) covers Der Kampf um die Macht (The struggle for power), Part II (issue 15) is titled Entstehung eines Weltreichs (The origin of a world empire), Part III (issue 16) is headlined Die Anfänge der Windsors (The beginning of the Windsors), Part IV (issue 17) takes a view on Die Medienmonarchie (doesn't need a translation, does it) and Part V (issue 18) Der Weg zur Hochzeit (The road to the wedding), which of course deals with Prince William of Catherine Middleton - die nächste Generation des britischen Königshauses (the next generation of the British royal house). Part I is 9 pages long and is richly illustrated.

So if you can read German the Stern magazine might be a good idea to pick up for the next few weeks. See here for more details. I will read the Part I first before I decide!

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  1. Have a great time in Ticehurst! I am so sorry I will not be there this year. I look forward to your "report" on the blog.