12 April 2011

The Norwegian Royal Court. Annual report 2010

The Norwegian Royal Court’s annual report for its activities in 2010 was handed over to the Storting’s Presidium, the Ministry of Government Administration, Reform and Church affairs and the Office of the Auditor General on Friday 8 April 2011. The Communication Staff at the Palace has been so kind to send me a copy, which I received today. A pdf file of the report (in Norwegian only) can also be found here. Earlier reports can be found here, with summaries in English.

The annual report contains a survey of the royal family’s activities and the work of the royal court in 2010. In addition you can find a list of all orders and medals conferred.

The annual accounts of the Royal Civil List showed a deficit of NOK 285.097, which as usual will be covered by appropriations from previous years. The accounts for the staff of the Crown Prince and Crown Princess on the other hand showed a surplus of NOK 839.915, which according to the press release includes a planned appropriation of NOK 600.000 for purchases of cars. The accounts for the Palace Tours (the Section for Culture) showed a deficit of NOK 46.313, which will be covered by the section’s own capital.

Concerning the royal family’s official program, King Harald had in 2010 158 audiences, in addition to 27 formal audiences in which newly appointed ambassadors to Norway presented their credentials. The king carried out 160 official assignments home and abroad, while Queen Sonja carried out 154 official assignments. The corresponding numbers for the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess respectively were 219 and 139.

47 municipalities in 17 counties received visits from the royal family, in addition to 25 visits abroad. Oppland hosted the king and queen’s traditional county visit in June 2010, while the Crown Prince couple’s visit went to Aust-Agder in August/September.

King Harald and Queen Sonja paid a 3 days’ long state visit to Slovakia in October, while Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit made a 4 days’ long official visit to Malaysia in March.

A large part of the annual grants to the Royal Court is used to cover the costs of maintenance and development of the state-owned royal properties – the Royal Palace, the main building of the Royal Farm and Oscarshall, in addition to the costs of official engagements, the management of the court (including salaries), infrastructure and minor maintenance projects. The renovation of the Banqueting Hall (Store festsal) was finished in April 2010.

The apanage (civil list) granted to the king and queen and the Crown Prince couple is meant to cover costs of management, maintenance and development of their private-owned properties («FDVU
»). A part of the apanage covers private expenses, including expenses to clothes used for official assignments.

According to the annual list 30 persons received the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav in 2010 (all classes combined; a search at the official website only gives 27). 67 persons received the Order of Merit (all classes combined). The Medal of St. Olav was given to 6 persons, while there were 310 recipients of the King’s Medal of Merit. 29 persons received the King’s Commemorative Medal.


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