10 May 2011

The debate goes on: Stoltenberg denies snubbing the king

Views and News from Norway 10 May 2011:

Stoltenberg denies snubbing the king

The last paragraph of the article is interesting:
“What I want to say is that the way (the ceremonies) were handled was something the prime minister and I had agreed upon,” King Harald told NTB. “What I’ll do now is to invite the (medal) recipients to an audience at the palace.”
The quote stems from a short comment the king gave to the press during the state visit to Slovenia today. The king has decided to be loyal to the government's version - anything else would have not have been a very wise move. While the prime minister has categorically denied snubbing the king - what else could he have said - the opposition as well as the media have had a field day. One should of course have in mind that it is the tabloid Dagbladet who has made today's headlines, but regardless of this I find it really difficult to believe that the king voluntarily should have let his position be undermined this way. Handing over military decorations is the king's arena, as have been commented on by politicians and others today. The government's lack of judgment is evident. Hopefully it will come to a more sensible conclusion - to include the king, that is - next time around.

See also my blog article Veterans' Day without King Harald published earlier today.


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