21 October 2012

Moen Chapel and Cemetery, Gran, Norway, Part I

Yesterday my family and I spent a few hours at Gran at Hadeland north of Oslo where we visited my wife's 91 years old great aunt. We took her out for a car drive around the area so that she could show us some of the farms her family (and thus also my wife's and daughter's) come from, including Haugsbakken (none of the original farm buildings are left, though), Trulserud, Tingelstad and Røssum.

We also made a stop at Moen Chapel and Cemetery (Moen kapell og kirkegård (gravlund)), which was consecrated in 1914. The chapel was built at Festningshaugen in Østre Tingelstad on farm land given by Johan Jakobsen Trulserud (1851-1935), my wife's great-great-grandfather on her mother's side. Originally the church building was named Østre Tingelstad Church (before the construction was finished), but was soon renamed to Moen Chapel. At the time this was in Brandbu municipality, which merged with Gran in 1962.

Unfortunately it started to rain just as we arrived at the chapel, so I only managed to take one photo. It shows the grave of the Johan Jakobsen Trulserud mentioned above, his wife Kjersti Pedersdatter Trulserud, née Anfossen (1855-1951) and one of their grandsons, Johan Trulserud (1924-1973).

Obviously I will have to return to take more photos - of the church building and of various graves - later on, when the weather is nicer and the light is better. In the meantime, you could always check out the Churches of Gran's official website and Wikipedia for some photos.

Source: Marta Leirset/Marie Olerud (ed.). Moen kapell 1914-1984, published by Tingelstad Menighetsråd (Parish Council), Jaren, 1984.

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