28 January 2013

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands to address the nation

The Dutch Royal Court has announced this afternoon that Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, b. 1938, is going to address the nation on Dutch TV and radio at 7 p.m. (GMT+2).

Not surprisingly the Dutch media, for instance De Telegraaf, has started to speculate about a possible abdication in favour of Queen Beatrix' oldest son, Prince Willem-Alexander, b. 1967. Queen Beatrix succeeded to the throne on 30 April 1980 following the abdication of her mother, Juliana, who had reigned since 1948 when Queen Wilhelmina abdicated. In other words, if Queen Beatrix, who is to celebrate her 75th birthday on 31 January, is going to announce he abdication tonight, she will follow in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother.

Prince Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange, is married to the Argentinian-born Princess Máxima and has 3 daughters.

If the time allows it I will return with more comments later today.

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