20 January 2013

Updated program for the Royalty Weekend 2013 (II)

The organisers behind the annual Royalty Weekend, which in 2013 will take place on 6-7 April at Ticehurst and Flimwell Church of England Primary School, Steellands Rise, Ticehurst in East Sussex, England, have sent yet another updated program for the conference.

As of now the speakers will include:
  • Margreeth Pop-Jansen on Princess Marianne of the Netherlands 
  • Neil Rees on The Reburial of King Zog 
  • Ted Rosvall on The Lesser Known and Hidden Away Royals 
  • Ian Shapiro on The Hidden Archive of Princess Irene of Prussia 
  • Christophe Vachaudez on More Belgian Royal Jewels 
  • John Wimbles on Marie Coburg’s Last Visit to England 
  • Charlotte Zeepvat with one of her magnificent slide lectures on the Nassau family 
  • And Richard Thornton who is planning a fiendish quiz
There will also be other royal authors present including Janet Ashton, Robert Golden, Coryne Hall and Ilana Miller.

Booksellers van Hoogstraten of the Hague, the Netherlands, will be in attendance, and there will be a bring and buy Royal Ephemera sale.

Cost: for all lectures, tea, coffee and snacks, two buffet lunches & one evening meal with wine:
£110 for those paying in sterling before 28 February 2013.
£115 for those paying with Paypal; or sterling later than 28 February 2013.

Please contact Sue Woolmans at royalweekend[at]gmail.com for more details.

For another article on this subject earlier in January, go here. I really enjoyed the Royalty Weekend in 2011 and can heartily recommend it to everyone who are interested in royal history!

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