21 January 2013

Prince Georg Friedrich and Princess Sophie of Prussia parents

It was announced at the official website of the House of Hohenzollern today that Princess Sophie, wife of the head of the Prussian Royal Family, Prince Georg Friedrich, gave birth to twin boys on Sunday 20 January 2013 in Bremen, Germany.

The twins are named Carl Friedrich and Louis Ferdinand. The announcement in full (in German only):
Mit großer Freude und Dankbarkeit gibt der Chef des Hauses die Geburt seiner Söhne Carl Friedrich und Louis Ferdinand bekannt, die am 20. Januar 2013 in Bremen zur Welt gekommen sind. Prinzessin Sophie und die Zwillinge sind wohlauf.
Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and Princess Sophie of Prussia, née Princess of Isenburg, were married at Potsdam outside Berlin on 25 August (civ.)/27 August (rel.) 2011. Prince Georg Friedrich is a great-great grandson of Emperor Wilhelm II.

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