14 April 2013

Royalty Digest Quarterly no. 1, 2013

I received my copy of the latest issue of Royalty Digest Quarterly during the Royalty Weekend in Ticehurst, East Sussex earlier this month (separate blog article to be published later). The magazine, which is a journal "devoted to the history, genealogy and images of the Royal Families of Europe", has this time selected Grand Duke Friedrich August of Oldenburg with his children Altburg, Nikolaus and Ingeborg for its front page.

In his editor's column, Ted Rosvall tells about the King Carl XVI (III) Johan historical seminar, which took place in the Bernadotte Library at the Royal Palace on 25 January 2013.

As usual, the magazine's historical consultant, Charlotte Zeepvat, has given more than one contribution. Her first is titled The True Value of Home. The life of Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna the younger: 1 - Childhood. Zeepvat's second article is titled Oldenburg - A Family Album (hence the front page), which as usual provides a short introduction to the grand ducal house, plenty of images (76 in all) besides the family tables (4 in all).

Alberto Penna Rodrigues is the next one out with his article On the Hunt for an Empress, which deals with Emperor Pedro I of Brazil's search for a new wife after the death of Empress Maria Leopoldina, daughter of Emperor Franz I of Austria. The result of his search was Princess Amélia of Leuchtenberg, née de Beauharnais.

Wills seem to be the main topic for Edward W. Hanson's RDQ contributions, and in this issue he presents The Last Word of Queen Joséphine of Sweden, nee de Beauharnais, a sister of the above-mentioned Amélia.

The writer and royal historian Elisabeth Jane Timms has written the article Wolbrook Cottage. The Villa of the Duke of Kent in Sidmouth, Devon. The title doesn't need any more explanation, of course. The villa is today known as The Royal Glen Hotel.

On 19 February 2013 Prince Dom Pedro Gastão, Head of the Imperial House of Brazil, would have celebrated his 100th anniversary. This is reflected in the Brazilian historian Victor Villon's article The centenary of Prince Citizen. D. Pedro Gastão de Orelans e Bragança was born a hundred years ago.

The Royalty Digest Quarterly has this time both a book presentation column and a book review column. The former deals with the photo book The Princely Family of Liechtenstein by Uve Harder (Van Eck Verlag, 2013), while the latter covers A Royal Christmas by Jeremy Archer (Elliot & Thompson Ltd., London, 2012), reviewed by Charlotte Zeepvat.

Just like The European Royal History Journal, the RDQ provides an obituary of Margarita of Baden (1932-2013). The author is Robert Golden, who was one of the speakers at the Royalty Weekend earlier this month.

Finally there is the traditional World Wide Web of Royalty column, with news of the royal, princely and/or mediatized houses of Baden, Italy, Monaco, Ortenburg, Prussia, Rechberg and Rothenlöwen, Saxony, Reuss, Sweden, Waldburg-Zeil and Bavaria.

Information on Royalty Digest Quarterly can be found at its editor's website Royalbooks.se. See earlier presentation of RDQ here. See also its Facebook page.

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