28 May 2013

Eurohistory - The European Royal History Journal, Vol. 16.2, April 2013

I received the the latest issue of The European Royal History Journal (Issue XCII, Vol. 16.2, April 2013) in the mail today. After a little break from blog writing, the magazine came just when I needed something new to write about.

Starting with the front page of issue XCVII, it shows the pretty face of Princess Viktoria Luise of Prussia (1892-1980), the seventh and youngest child of German Emperor Wilhelm II and Empress Auguste Viktoria, and her husband, Prince Ernst August of Hannover, Duke of Braunschweig  (1887-1953), son of Crown Prince Ernst August of Hannover (with other titles) and his Danish-born Princess Thyra. The choice of photo on the front page is due to the first article of the issue, titled The Marriage of Princess Viktoria Luise of Pruissa & Prince Ernst August of Hannover and written by QVD author Marlene Eilers-Koenig. The article covers pages 3-15.

The author Coryne Hall is responsible for the next three articles. The first two contain reviews of The Prince, The Princess and the Perfect Murder by Andrew Rose (Coronet, 2013, ISBN 978-1444776454) and Die fürstliche Familie von Liechtenstein. Eine Fotoreportage by Uve Harder (Van Eck Verlag, Liechtenstein, 2013) (which I mentioned last month). Hall's last article deals with Prince Vsevelod Ioannovich of Russia (1914-1973), son of Prince Ioann Constantinovich and Princess Elena, née Princess of Seria.

Paul Brighton then follows up with the article Unto the Fourth Generation. Monarchs with Three Generations of Heirs, before Ilana D. Miller returns with What's In a Photo. A Habsburg Visit to the Court of Madrid 1896.

The editor and publisher, Arturo E. Beéche, has written an obituary of Princess Lilian of Sweden, who died on 10 March 2013 and was buried six days later. The magazine also has a Royal News section, which this time includes news from Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Monaco, Saxe-Coburg & Gotha, Sweden, Two Sicilies, the United Kingdom and even the Vatican besides the mediatized dynasties of Croy and Hohenlohe-Bartenstein.

The magazine will be a good companion on the metro the next couple of days.

The publisher of The Europan Royal History Royal can be reached at erhj [at] eurohistory.com.

For earlier articles on the magazine, go here.

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