4 February 2015

Last resting place for Johan Martin Ferner

Ris Church and Cemetery. Photo: @2014 Stig Rune Pedersen.

The Norwegian Royal Court confirmed today in form of an e-mail written by Assistant Head of Communication Sven Gj. Gjeruldsen that Johan Martin Ferner, who died on Saturday 24 January 2015, will have his last resting place at Ris kirkegård (Ris cemetery) in Oslo. Princess Astrid Mrs. Ferner and Johan Martin Ferner have lived in the parish of Ris since they got married in 1961.

Ris Cemetery is also the place where Queen Sonja's parents Karl August and Dagny Haraldsen as well as her sister Gry are buried.

Ris Cemetery only has urn graves, so following the cremation at Alfaset I gather that the urn will be interred later on when the the ground is not longer frostbound. I will come back to this in due time when the headstone has been put up.

After I received the e-mail, I learned that the court reporter Kjell Arne Totland had already written about Ferner's last resting place in his blog, but he didn't state his sources.

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