25 September 2015

Princess Kristine Bernadotte's Swedish ancestry

The Norwegian-born Princess Kristine Bernadotte, née Rivelsrud, third wife of Prince Carl Bernadotte (1911–2003), died last year (4 November 2014) in Benalmadena, Spain. When the news of her death was announced on 8 November 2015, I started to explore her ancestry and published my findings at Slektshistoriewiki, the Norwegian genealogy wiki administered by Norsk Slektshistorisk Forening, the Norwegian Genealogical Society.

The article is far from finished, but during the weekend of 8–9 November 2014 (and later the same month) I found a lot of new information, among others details about Princess Kristine's Swedish ancestry. Her ancestor no. 20 was a Didrik Bergman, b. around 1804,* who had a child with Maria Jonsdotter Mellberg, b. around 1809.**

In the last issue of VärmlandsAnor, the newsletter of Värmlands Släktforskarförening (Värmland's Genealogical Society), the article Prinsessan Kristine Bernadottes härstamning från den värmlandska släkten Bergman was published («Princess Kristine Bernadotte's descent from the Bergman family of Värmland») (VärmlandsAnor 2015:3, pp. 12–15). The author is Johan R. Honkainen Gyllenspetz. The author says the article should only be regarded as a «delrapport» («part report», section). He has focused on the Bergman family and not the other Swedish lines, but might do more research on Princess Kristine's roots later.

Issue no. 2015/3 can be obtained from the Värmland's Genealogical Society (see link above). The Slektshistoriewiki article will soon be updated with the new details.

* The birth date was corrected in the said article to 1792 (!) (the source I used was incorrect).
** Corrected to 1805.

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