11 January 2016

Arms of the Duvivier family, Belgium

When I visited Brussels in October last year, I came over a few litographies of coats of arms in a second-hand bookstore. I decided to buy three of them, which shows the arms of the Belgian Duvivier family and two of its members. The litographies were made around 1860 and cost 20 Euro each.
Arms of Lieutenant General Vincent Marie Duviver (1774–1851).
Arms of Vincent's younger brother Lieutenant General Ignace Louis Duvivier (1777–1853).

I don't know much about the said persons, but there is a Wikipedia article about Ignace Duvivier in French and Dutch. The article includes a photo of a memorial which I believe I saw during my visit to Mons (Bergen) in June 2000. A photo of the Duvivier arms can be viewed here.

Not sure what I am going to do with the litographies, but they are quite nice. Maybe I should frame them and put them on the wall?

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