3 March 2016

HRH Prince Oscar Carl Olof of Sweden, Duke of Skåne

Following the birth of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden's son yesterday, the King announced in the special Council of State at the Royal Palace in Stockholm today that the newborn prince has received the names Oscar Carl Olof and the dukedom of Skåne. The first of the three names, Oscar, will be the boy's call name.

I must say I am both surprised and delighted that the prince has received such a traditional Swedish royal name. After the surprise the Crown Princess couple made when their firstborn was named Estelle and when Princess Madeleine's children were named Leonore and Nicolas, it was almost impossible to guess on the newborn's name.

The last duke of Skåne was Prince Oscar's great-great-grandfather King Gustaf VI Adolf (18821973). He also had Olaf (with an a) as one of his given names. The newborn's third name is spelt Olof with an o, though, but close enough! The prince's father Prince Daniel also has the name Olof.

I don't feel it is necessary to list all the people in the Bernadotte dynasty or family who had or have the names Oscar or Carl. Just check out An Online Gotha!

The updated line of succession to the throne of Sweden is as follows:
  1. Crown Princess Victoria (1977)
  2. Princess Estelle (2012)
  3. Prince Oscar (2016)
  4. Prince Carl Philip (1979)
  5. Princess Madeleine (1982)
  6. Princess Leonore (2014)
  7. Prince Nicolas (2015)

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