11 July 2022

Royalty Digest Quarterly no. 2, 2022

RDQ goes to Monaco! The front page of Royalty Digest Quarterly no, 2, 2022 tells it all. This issue's Family Album covers the princely family of Monaco, presented by Stephen Bunford and Ted Rosvall. In addition to the 3 pages long introduction the readers can enjoy 48 illustrations and one page containing a family table starting with Antoine I (1661–1731) and ending with the twins Gabriella and Jacques. 

From the contents:

  • Stephen Bunford: The loves of Ludwig I and Ludwig II of Bavaria, pp. 1–8
  • Elizabeth Jane Timms: Imperial Visit to Vienna, pp. 9–17.
  • Stephen Bunford/Ted Rosvall: The Grimaldis of Monaco – A Family Album, pp. 18–32.
  • Marlene A. Eilers-Koenig: The Air Princess. Lady Anne Saville, Princess of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg, pp. 33–41.
  • David Horbury: Royalty and Romance at the Greek Court. From the Letters and Memoirs of John Boxshall, pp. 42–48.
  • Datiu F. Salvia Ocaña: King Alfonso XII's European Journey in 1883, pp. 49–55.
  • Coryne Hall: Little-Known Royals. Grand Duchess Alexandra Nicolaievna of Russia, pp. 56–57.
  • Ove Mogensen: Tombs, Graves and Monuments in Thuringia. VII. Reuss-Schleiz (Jüngere Linie), pp. 58–60.
  • Ted Rosvall: Discarded "Wrangels", pp. 62–63.
  • The World Wide Web of Royalty, p. 64.
The latter column contains genealogical news from the royal or princely families of Austria-Tuscany, Hesse, Reuss, Saxony, Waldeck and Pyrmont, Württemberg and Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg.

Several interesting pieces this time as well. My favourites were The Air Princess and the Boxshall article. Not very often you read about the Löwenstein-Wertheim-Freudenbergs, even if this article is mainly about Anne (1864–1927), daugher of John Saville, 4th Earl of Mexborough. John Boxshall (1923–2008) was the grandchild of Prince Barbu Stirbey (1872–1946), once prime minister of Romania and perhaps most well-known for his relationship with Queen Marie of Romania. John's experiences at the Greek Court while residing in Athens were very interesting. Would love to read more about the Stirbeys!

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