15 January 2024

Denmark: Lovtidende announcements

Lovtidende, the Danish Legal Gazette, will normally have announcements of acts and regulations etc. on all weekdays as well as on Saturdays, with the exception of Mondays, but today, Monday 15 January 2024, it had three announcements, all more or less related to the abdication of Queen Margrethe II and King Frederik X's accession to the throne yesterday. However, the declaration of abdication was unfortunately – and strangely enough? – not among them.

The first one, BEK. no. 44 of 14 January 2024, Bekendtgørelse om stadfæstelse af bevillinger m.m.(Announcement concerning confirmation of grants etc.)  [see also link to Retsinformation] merely states by a royal resolution that all privileges, concessions. grants or pardons given or confirmed during the reign of Queen Margrethe II do not have to be sent in for confirmation during the new reign, but are confirmed by the said resolution.

The second one, BEK no. 45 of 14 January 2024, Bekendtgørelse om det kongelige navnetræk (Announcement concerning the royal monogram)  [see also link to Retsinformation] regulates the new monogram of King Frederik X, as I mentioned in on of my blog articles of yesterday.

The third one, ÅBR no. 46 of 14 January 2024, Åbent brev om Kong Frederik den Tiendes tronbestigelse (Open letter concerning King Frederik the Tenth's accession to the throne) [see also link to Retsinformation], refers to the abdication and in which the king promises to work for (the) justice, progress and welfare of the Danish people.

Åbent brev om Kong Frederik den Tiendes tronbestigelse

VI FREDERIK DEN TIENDE, af Guds Nåde Danmarks Konge, gør vitterligt:

Vor kære mor, Dronning Margrethe den Anden, har den 14. januar 2024 frasagt sig tronen, og Vi har derefter i henhold til Danmarks Riges Grundlov og tronfølgeloven besteget tronen.

Idet Vi overtager det ansvarsfulde kald som Danmarks Konge, er det Vor faste beslutning inden for Danmarks Riges forfatning og love at virke for retfærd, fremgang og velfærd for det danske folk.

Det er Vort håb, at den tillid og hengivenhed, som det danske folk viste Dronning Margrethe den Anden, må blive overført på Os og give Os styrke i varetagelsen af den gerning, Vi nu indleder.

Givet på Christiansborg Slot, den 14. januar 2024

Under Vor Kongelige Hånd og Segl


/ Mette Frederiksen


Open letter concerning King Frederik the Tenth's accession to the throne

WE FREDERIK THE TENTH, by the Grace of God King of Denmark, make it known:

Our dear mother, Queen Margrethe the Second, abdicated the throne on 14 January 2024, and We have thereafter, in accordance with the Constitution of the Kingdom of Denmark and the Succession to the Throne Act, acceeded to the throne

As We take over the responsible calling as King of Denmark, it is Our firm decision within the Constitution and acts of the Kingdom of Denmark to work for justice, progress and welfare for the Danish people.

It is Our hope that the trust and devotion that the Danish people showed to Queen Margrethe the Second may be transferred to Us and give Us strength in carrying out the work We are now embarking on.

Given at Christiansborg Palace, 14 January 2024

Under Our Royal Hand and Seal


/ Mette Frederiksen

Retsinformation is, by the way, the Danish legal information system.

If it was the Office of the Prime Minister's intention to let the declaration of abdication be announced in Lovtidende, it would normally, due to the chronological order, be announced before BEK no. 44, so it seems to me that the declaration will not be formally announced in the said Gazette. I really hope that the text will be made available one way or another some time in the near future, and I have asked the Office of the Prime Minister for more details in this regard.

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