12 March 2024

Norway: Update on King Harald's health situation – permanent pacemaker implanted

The Norwegian Royal Court informed today that King Harald this morning had a permanent pacemaker implanted.

Update on His Majesty King Harald's health situation

His Majesty The King received this morning a permanent pacemaker. The procedure was successful, and His Majesty is doing well. His Majesty will remain in hospital for a few more days.


In a press conference today, the king's personal physician, Bjørn Bendz, said that the infection that the king had suffered from had affected his heart, which brought about the need for a pacemaker (VG.no).

When the king traveled from Malaysia on a medical plane on 3 March, the court told that the king would be on sick leave for two weeks, meaning that he was expected to return to his duties on 18 March 2024. But according to the physician, King Harald will be on sick leave until some time after Easter.

Earlier articles on the King's hospitalisation in Malaysia and at the National Hospital, Norway:

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