14 October 2009

Act proclaiming Prince Nicholas King of Montenegro

Cettinjé 15 (28) August 1910.

We, Nicholas I, &c., declare that the Skupshtina have voted, and we have sanctioned the following law: -

  1. The Principality of Montenegro is proclaimed Kingdom of Montenegro.

  2. Prince Nicholas I Petrovitch Niegousch is proclaimed, by the grace of God, Hereditary King of Montenegro. The King and Queen shall have the title of «Majesty».

  3. The Hereditary Prince Danilo is proclaimed the heir to the Throne of Montenegro. The Hereditary Prince, the Hereditary Princess, and their children shall have the title of «Royal Highness».

  4. All the other children, male and female, of Their Majesties shall receive the title of «Royal Highness», and the grandchildren of the latter the title of «Highness».

  5. This law comes into force when signed by the Prince Gospodar, and in all the laws of the land the words «Prince» and «Princely» shall be replaced by «King» and «Royal».
Cettinjé, 15 (28) August 1910.

We command, &c


Countersigned by -
Dr. L. Tomanovitch, President of the Council
of Ministers and Minister for Foreign Affairs.
Brigadier Mitar Martinovitch, Minister of War.
Dushan Vukovitch, Minister of Finance.
J.C. Plamenatz, Minister of the Interior.
P. Vukovitch, Minister of Education.


British and foreign state papers. 1912, Vol. 105, London: Foreign Office, 1915, p. 991.

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