12 October 2009

News in English

The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten stopped producing its "News in English" service in November 2008 and has been sorely missed since then.

The California-born Nina Berglund, who helped found Aftenposten's English service, started working on "Views and News from Norway" shortly after the service shut down, and in May 2009 she went "full time" with the project.

She can't promise the same degree of updating or coverage as Aftenposten had, but as she says at the News in English website, the news service will try to decipher the headlines and offer some independent perspectives.

I was obviously not aware of the website when I wrote one of my first articles, "Royal blogs", back in August this year. But while Trond Norén Isaksen - and my blog as well - will bring the most important royal news from Norway, Nina Berglund and her staff will provide more news from Norway, something I am sure that new immigrants to Norway, foreign workers and students, visiting professors and consultants, diplomats and tourist and others who are interested in news from Norway will appreciate.

Nina Berglund is running her project on "a wing and a prayer," concentrating on building up content and hoping for reader donations (there's a PayPal account on the front page) and ultimately ad sales. I can only wish her the best of luck and hope that the website will be a great success, both in terms of contents and also financially speaking.

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