26 October 2009

Farewell, Norway

The publisher and former journalist Sverre Mørkhagen has recently finished his first volume on the Norwegian emigration to America, «Far vel Norge. Utvandringen til Norge 1825-1975» («Farewell, Norway. The Norwegian emigration to America 1825-1975»). It is the first larger work on the Norwegian emigration in 30 years. In the book Mørkhagen claims among others that the numbers of emigration from Norway to America were much higher than earlier estimated, perhaps as many as a million Norwegians are believed to have left their homeland between 1825 and 1875. The book, which is published by Gyldendal Norsk Forlag, is 660 pages long and is priced at NOK 449.

In connection with the new book the Norwegian National Library has opened an exhibition about the Norwegian emigration history and all the literature that has been published about the topic. Norsk-amerikansk samling - «Norwegian-American Collection» has the most complete collection of Norwegian emigration literature in the country, covering both fictional and non-fictional works.

Earlier major works on the Norwegian emigration to America were written by Ingrid Semmingsen («Veien mot vest», 2 vol., 1941-1950), Theodore C. Blegen («Norwegian migration to America 1825-1860») and Odd Lovoll.


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