14 October 2009

Manifesto of King Nicholas to the Montenegrin People

Manifesto of King Nicholas to the Montenegrin People on assuming the title of King


To my beloved people:

The representatives of the nation, as interpreters of your ideas and feelings, and wishing to crown the fiftieth anniversary of my reign by an act which will reward my good people for their long struggles, their courage, their sacrifices and heroic deeds, and considering the glorious past of our country, which gave the first powerful and recognized King to a Servian land, have, in their session of today, unanimously voted a proposal that this ancient Kingdom should be restored, and that I should receive the dignity of King.

After accepting this proposal of the National Assembly and sanctioning it by my signature, in the name of God I proclaim our country a kingdom, and myself by the Divine grace Hereditary King of Montenegro.

In informing my beloved people of this, I invoke the Divine blessing on our land, and I pray All-powerful God to bless our country, so that this act may be for the happiness, glory, and greatness of Montenegro.

Given in our capital of Cettinjé on Great St. Mary's feast day (28th August) 1910.

Nicholas I


British and foreign state papers. 1912, Vol. 105, London: Foreign Office, 1915, p. 992.

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