16 May 2010

Comments to my blog

Comments to my blog are always welcome – whether it be additional information, corrections, different angles, criticism or whatever – I always feel grateful when people find the time to write a few words.

As the readers have discovered already, comments to the blog are not published immediately. I have decided to moderate the comments to avoid spam, obscenities etc. I usually check my administration area every day, but as I cannot be around every minute of the day, I feel more comfortable with the opportunity to control the contents of the comments that are posted.

It should be stressed, however, that all comments that I have received so far «have passed through the eye of the needle». The only exceptions have been comments written in either Chinese or Japanese or with letters or figures that are not recognisable at all.

The blog language is English, so I would prefer if everyone write back in English as well. I will, however, accept comments written in Danish, Swedish or Norwegian as well as in German – but if you wish that most people should be able to understand your comments, then I guess that English is the best choice.


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