16 May 2010

Happy 17th of May!

Tomorrow - 17th of May - is the national day of Norway. Before I go downtown to watch the children's parade from my usual spot in the Palace Park, the most important task will be to take my balcony flag out. The weather forecasts are not too promising, but the flag has to be taken out no matter what!

My balcony flag - 17th of May, 2009.

There are often parades in the local communities too. Here is a picture of the parade at Oppsal last year.

The Norwegian Royal Family's program for 17th of May 2010:

The Children's Parade in Asker: The Crown Prince and Crown Princess' Family greets the Children's parade in Asker at Skaugum (08.15)

The Children's Parade in Oslo: The Royal Family greets the Children's Parade in Oslo from the Palace balcony (10.30)

Nordre Aker: Their Majesties The King and Queen visit the Nordre Aker area in Oslo (16.00). Program (in Norwegian).

Happy 17th of May everone!

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