25 May 2010

Norwegian Royal and Princely seals from the Middle Ages

Christopher (Chr.) Brinchmann (1860-1944) published in 1924 the book Norske Konge-sigiller og andre fyrste-sigiller fra middelalderen ("Norwegian Royal Seals and other Princely Seals from the Middle Ages"), which includes seals provided by National Archivist (Keeper of Public Records) Henrik Jørgen (H.J.) Huitfeldt-Kaas (1834-1905) and drawn by the artist Eilif Peterssen (1852-1928) and architect Hakon Thorsen (1866-1925).

The book has now been made available by Lars Ove Wangensteen at his website Wangensteen.net in form of an e-book. The drawings can be viewed from page 42 and onwards (e-book p. 45). See also Wangensteen's heraldry page for other heraldic works made available.


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