12 October 2011

Wilmersdorf Cemetery, Berlin, Germany, Part II

For part I, go here.

(10) At the end of this wall, but on the other side, you will find the Patzek family grave.


(12) I have really tried to find out more of this Vladimir Segline, who I gather was an ice hockey player, but to no avail. There was an Anatoli Seglin, though, who played for the USSR team Spartak Moscow. Might be a Latvian connection.

(13) Grave of the composer Leon Jessel (1871-1942).





(18) The Kalkowski family grave (several politicians).


(20) Grave of "Tante Jenny" ("Aunt Jenny")!



(23) Havestadt.

(24) Feist.

(25) Speck.

(26) More Speck family members (and others).


(28) I should obviously have taken a more complete photo of this family grave, or at least written down the name. Immrath? Ammrath? Hard to tell.

(29) To the left the Bahmer family grave.



I visited the Wilmersdorf Cemetery (Friedhof Wilmersdorf) in Berlin during the last weekend of August, 2011. My main goal for the cemetery visit was to see the grave of Erica Bernadotte, née Patzek, the first wife of Count Sigvard Bernadotte of Wisborg, born Prince of Sweden. As the part I suggests, I didn't know for sure where Erica was buried before I left for Berlin, so I made no preparations for the visit and therefore might have missed several other interesting graves and monuments. The German Wikipedia article brings, for instance, the picture of the baronial von Dincklage family, which I must have missed somehow.

Anyway, it was a beautiful cemetery park, and quite a contrast to the Friedrichsfelde Cemetery which I visited later the same day (I will come back with one or more blog articles about that visit later on).

As already mentioned, for part I of the Wilmersdorf Cemetery series, go here. And yes, there will be a part III as well! [to see part III, go here.]

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