13 October 2011

Wilmersdorf Cemetery, Berlin, Germany, Part III

Part I and part II.

(32) Wilmersdorf Cemetery in Berlin had many war memorials and war graves. Here is a "denkmal" for the victims of WW1.

(33) WW2.

(34) One of the victims, C. v. Callenberg (b. 17 February 1891, d. 26 April 1945).


(36) WW1 and WW2.


(38) Another WW2 memorial.


(40) The Columbarium at Wilmersdorf. As I have mentioned before, I would like to see similar memorials in Norway as well. The graves in Norway take up too much space.








(48) As I mentioned in part II, I had not made any preparations prior to my visit to the Wilmersdorf Friedhof. Therefore I didn't know of any other graves which could be of interest. The cemetery lists a few honorary graves, which includes Gustav Kemmann, architect of the first subway line in Berlin, the actor Guido Thielscher, the author Fedor von Zobeltitz and the politician Eugen Schiffer.

For photos of the Patzek family grave, a map of the cemetery and for directions, go to
part I. For other graves, go to part II.


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