7 March 2012

Hoelseth.com - some progress

I have written about my work to move all the contents from my old Geocities website to my current domain Hoelseth.com on several occasions, for instance here. Obviously the work is taking more time than I expected when the new website was launched in the fall of 2009, but that is the way it is. My family and my work have to come first. In addition I spend a lot of time on this blog as well as on several genealogical projects, committee work for the Norwegian Genealogical Society and other hobbies.

I am happy, however, to tell that I have made some progress on my website lately. All the documents and other subpages which could be found at my Geocities page have now been moved to my Constitution of Norway website Grunnloven.net. In addition several new documents have been added, including the Act of Union of 1815 as well as the Norwegian version of the Act of Succession, which Norway had in common with Sweden from 1814 to 1905. As I have written at my website, my aim with Grunnloven.net is to give a survey of consolidated (updated) and historical versions of the Norwegian Constitution and of all the modifications or amendments to the Constitution passed in the period between 1814 and today. It is a huge project, so the readers have to accept that it will take some time to finish it. Hopefully I will manage to get all the modifications/amendments added before the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution in 2014. I will not make any promises, though!

Most of the texts will be in Norwegian, but I am planning to add more consolidated versions in English - and some also in French - in the future. I have plenty of documents waiting to be scanned and coded, it is just a question of when I get the time. Obviously it takes more time to work on the oldest documents. Until 1906 Norsk Lovtidend (the Norwegian Legal Gazette), one of the most important sources, was published in Gothic, so I hope there will be more progress when the union dissolution year is done. As you can see, I haven't done everything in the cronological order, as some periods have been more interesting than others, but I am pretty sure that the 1860s will be included in my next update.

My next project, besides adding more documents to my Constitution page, will be to get all the royal resolutions and other documents concerning the Norwegian Royal Family back to my Documents page. My survey of new or updated pages will usually not include all the old subpages, but please check out http://www.hoelseth.com/res/ and http://www.hoelseth.com/doc/ from time to time, as those indexes will show the status at any time. You can among others view the resolution of 7 March 1888 by which Prince Oscar (Bernadotte) is released from his Relation as a subject to Norway. Or what about King Christian Frederik's abdication declaration from 10 October 1814 or the Storting declaration of 4 November 1814 acknowledging his decision?

The indexes concerning other past and present monarchies will also return in due time. Some pages are already in place: Sweden, Denmark, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg. I guess most people google in order to find the information they are looking for instead of using such links pages as a starting point. But many of my index pages will include links to constitutional documents etc. stored at Hoelseth.com, so when people first have stumbled over information at my website, they might find the index pages useful to see other documents I have provided.


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