19 August 2013

Sandefjord Cemetery, Norway, Part III

I often walk through Sandefjord Cemetery when I return to my parents' home after a trip to "downtown" Sandefjord. During one of my walks in mid July this year, I discovered the grave of my great-aunt Ingrid Hanssen, née Hoelseth, who died in March 2013. I was not able to attend her funeral and had no idea where she had been interred.

Aunt Ingrid, who was the last sibling of my grandfather Arne Hoelseth to pass away, is buried together with her parents-in-law, chief cashier Harris Hanssen and Kristine Hanssen, née Hasle. The latter's parents, Anders B. Hasle and Klara Hasle, née Christensen, are also buried at Sandefjord cemetery, but at the other side of the chapel. For a photo of their grave, go here (photo no. 11 from the top). Klara, who was listed as Clara in the church book (no. 117), was the daughter of shipmaster Christen Christensen and Oline Christensen, née Olsdatter (not the same Christensen family as mentioned in my Sandar Church and Cemetery article, though).

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  1. Thank you for posting this interesting article. You might recall you and I corresponded about two years ago in regards to this cemetery because my great-great grandparents are buried there. I visited it in 2007 and your photographs brought the memory back so vividly!