24 January 2017

Lunde and Ullmann grave, Lillehammer Cemetery, Norway (Tombstone Tuesday)

Both photos: © 2011 Dag Trygsland Hoelseth  

The photos show the headstone and grave of the artist Rolf Schubarth Lunde (1891–1928), his wife Ebba Lunde, née Dietrichson (1891–1978), their daughter Ebba (19201979) and son-in-law Viggo Ullmann (1915–1998) at Lillehammer Cemetery (Lillehammer kirkegård) in Oppland county, Norway.

The headstone (bronze relief) is located at the Northern wall of the cemetery, and is most likely a copy of the altar piece in Hornindal Church, made by the artist Dagfin Werenskiold (1892–1977), cf. Sindre, Svein. Vår fedrearv. Menighetsblad for Lillehammer og omegn, no. 2/2014, pp. 10–11.

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