9 August 2018

Vita Brevis: Revisiting the Princess of Wales

In 2007 the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston, USA published the book The Ancestry of Diana Princess of Wales for Twelve Generations by Richard K. Evans (ISBN 978-0-88082-208-4).

It is an impressive piece of work, but of course not without errors. More sources have also been made available since it was published. Earlier this month Scott C. Steward, who edited the book and who has been NEHGS’ Editor-in-Chief since 2013, published in the blog Vita Brevis the article «Revisiting the Princess of Wales», in which he corrects errors and adds information which were not available at the time of publishing. The article is worth reading for anyone interested in royal and/or noble genealogy or genealogy in general for that matter.

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