12 August 2009

Jonas Bergström's ancestry

The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet published today an ancestry table (click on the picture for a bigger size) for Princess Madeleine's fiancé Jonas Claes Bergström. The table shows five generations of Bergström's ancestors.

The table reveals that Jonas Bergström - besides the fact that he also has Danish ancestry on his mother's side - has higher civil servants, shipowners and directors among his ancestors, but also blacksmiths and soldiers.

Jonas Claes Bergström was born at Danderyd on 23 January 1979 as the youngest son of Karl Claes Göran Bergström, b. 5 August 1942, and Elisabet Bergström, née Jörgensson, b. 19 November 1943.

Jonas has two elder brothers - Peder, b. 20 December 1969, and Ted, b. 5 January 1972. Peder is married to Sara, b. 1975, and has two children - Victor, b. 2005 and Siri, b. 2008. Ted is married to Karin, b. 1974, and has 3 children - Clara, b. 2002, Tom, b. 2005 and Disa, b. 2009.